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Santiago Torres

rebel without a cause 🛹sensitive 🛹difficult
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Straight 13 Inch Flexible Maple Wand with Unicorn Hair Core
11/2046 (15)
Santiago loved Halloween back home when he was younger since it was basically an excuse for him to run around his neighborhood unsupervised with his friends. At school it was pretty lame even if they turned the great hall into a big haunted house. He still thought trick-or-treating was better even if he was probably getting too old for it now. But still he made an appearance at the feast even if no one could tell it was him, at least not right away. He had his skateboard with him and normally he wouldn't try skating in the great hall on a normal day but today it was part of his costume so it had to be allowed obviously. Eventually he ended at the snack table and was trying to get something to eat with some difficulty.
Anisha had been very amused by the way she had matched with Raafe, but it was a little less fun when he just ditched her and went off on his own. She was a lot less agile in this huge dress and had no intention of running around after him, but it was a little annoying. He had been pulling away more and more recently, to Anisha's confusion. She headed over to the snack table and snorted as she saw a ghost struggle to eat. "Can I help?" She asked, putting down her parasol so she had her hands free.
Santiago had managed to grab a plate and serve himself but when it came to actually getting the snacks into his mouth, that was where he ran into problems. He was reaching behind the sheet to finally eat something when he heard someone offer to help him. "Not if you want to hand feed me yourself." he quipped without thinking about it. But when he turned to see who it was he was mildly embarrassed to see one of the new prefects standing there, in quite an...elaborate costume.
Anisha laughed as the boy told her she could only help him by hand-feeding him herself. She grinned. "I would, but I'd charge for it." She told him. "Two sickles per bite, sound fair? " She grabbed a snack for herself and took a big bite. "Your costume's cool, but why are you a skateboarding ghost?" She asked him curiously. "Did you die in a freak skateboarding accident or something?"
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