The Future of Graphics Requests

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Hello everybody,

Over the last little while, we've noticed that while everybody would still like a graphic request fulfilled, fewer and fewer people are helping to fill them - to the point where it was largely just Emzies just trying to tread the waters of requests and never getting very far.
So, we took it upon ourselves to begin to remedy the problem. We emptied the Banner Maker's Group, removed mod privileges from this forum for countless users, and started fresh with the Banner Examples forum.

Now, Emzies certainly can't do this alone - so if you have some skill in making banners for yourself and think you could afford to help those of us who are far less talented spruce up our profiles: request to join the Banner Maker's Group! But note that if you're in the group we hope you're filling banner requests and if we notice it's been a while without you filling a request we'll remove you until you feel you're back up to the task again! We appreciate all the help we can get, but need to keep things tidy and not confusing, too.

Next a big change will be that people will no longer be able to request a specific person fill their request. Emzies is amazing and we all want her as our private graphics slave, but she's already my private graphics slave and you can't have her there are plenty of other very talented people looking to improve their skills: Emzies wasn't always Emzies, and if you're getting a banner from somebody that you couldn't make yourself being too picky hurts everybody else looking for banners, too.

There may be more minor changes to this forum and how graphics requests work over the next little while. We hope we're able to keep graphics requests available to the whole HNZ community, but if that proves to be a pointless endeavour we'll have to look for other solutions.

All the best,

As part of this change, the banner maker's group will now only accept those members who are actively filling graphics requests. Any user is welcome to fill requests in this forum at any time, and only those who are doing so regularly will have their requests to join the group approved.
If you are thinking about joining the group, please link to a couple of graphics requests you've recently filled when you submit your join request. :)
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