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It was not very often that June chose to spend her day outside. Ofcourse it wasn't that she was trapped inside the castle and never got some fresh air. Usually she did an walk outside in the morning or evening when it was less busy. But today it was an beautiful day, the sun was shining and June figured since it was more quiet around here she could try and sit outside. She usually stayed at Hogwarts, since Misha was here too. And June just wanted to take the opportunity to use the library and enjoy that most of the stupid persons at this school weren't there now. So making her way outside she had brought an blanket for in the grass, some food and drinks and her books to prepare for the classes.

As she sat down on the blanket she put on her sunglasses and had put on some sunscreen so she was protected. If was getting too warm she could always find shelter under a tree or inside again. The blonde took her Ancient Runes book and put some parchment next to her in case she felt writing some parts down. When she went to the next page she suddenly heard an buzzing sound close to her. She frowned and watched beside her. An stupid bee was flying around. '' Stupid insects!'' the blonde cursed and layed down her book. And took another one moving it around, to make sure it was staying away.
It was a lovely day, and newly turned fourteen year old Teddy was taking the opportunity to maintain his fitness with a jog around the castle grounds. He ran partly because he enjoyed it, but mostly because he needed to stay in shape for Quidditch. Feeling hot, he opted to go topless, enjoying the fresh air and warmth of the sun on his skin as he jogged. If he got too hot, he'd already decided that he'd jump in the lake to cool down.

Up ahead, Teddy spotted a Slytherin girl appearing bothered by something. Curious, he slowed his pace as he approached, noticing the bee buzzing around her. "It's probably mistaken you for a flower," he joked with a light chuckle, stopping his jog momentarily to watch her struggle to keep the bee away then suggested helpfully, "You could always stun it."
As June was waving around, becoming irritated by insects excisting on this earth she saw an younger student coming to her. And he opened his mouth too. June was not in the mood for stupid people. And she had no clue what he was here for now.
'' Well. I'm not.'' June said annoyed. '' But my perfume must attract it.'' the blonde said shortly. Regretting being outside already. Standing up to see where the bee was going she stood still. '' That and I could also crush it..'' June said dryly and watched the boy. '' Why don't you help me? You seem like someone who can help me with this annoying insect.'' She than said and put on a sugar sweet smile, there was someone who could do the work for her now.
Teddy watched with growing amusement at the girl's increasing agitation over the bee, "I think its just saying hello." He commented. While his chivalrous Gryffindor instincts urged him to help her, he could only see how much danger she was not in right now, and he grinned playfully. "Sure, I'll help you princess." He said, taking out his wand and hoping that his Charms prep would pay off. He pointed his wand at the bee, it was hard to aim, but he fixed on it and cast, "Engorgio!" This was turning out to be fun day.
June didn't need anyone to tell her she could use magic. She was no fool and if this Gryffindor boy was trying something he would quickly find out he was at the wrong adress. But June hated insects, and this opportunity was there to test out this Gryffindor boy too. She rolled her eyes quickly about his dumb comment. Even insects where amazed by her greatness. But they weren't the ones June wanted close. The blonde walked an bit backwards. From all the spells you could use he chose to make it even bigger. June frowned and hated seeing this insect even bigger, this kid better had an plan or she would put this insect on fire real soon. '' Now what?.. Genious.'' June said sarcastic. Making sure the bigger bee was not coming at her, taking her book and wand with her.
Teddy hadn't been sure that the spell would work, but it had, and the bee had swelled to a size where he could make out all its features in great detail. The girl was clearly irritated by the bee and even more so by his decision to make it larger. The bee itself didn't seem to mind its new size and wasn't angry as Teddy had hoped. He knew his prank had flopped, but he wasn't fazed. "I dunno," Teddy replied with a shrug, watching the oversized bee buzz around. "The bee seems happy enough. I'd say my work here is done." he said casually, stowing his wand away and dusting off his hands.

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