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Callie had been studying for her exams mostly, in the dorm room. But she grew bored of the isolation of the common room or the dorm room. She knew that studying wasn't exactly a group activity, but it could certainly be something she did with others. It didn't have to be an activity done entirely alone. She had put up a little notice in the common room and elsewhere, inviting others to come study in the student lounge, at the same time every week until the exams. She had set up a couple of desk and had just gotten to her revision, she didn't need to wait for people, after all, there was a chance that she would be the only one in her study group.
Dominic didn't mind keeping to himself for the majority of the semester. It was entertaining sometimes to sit and watch people. Somehow Dominic felt as though he was getting to know people better by simply observing them. He knew who to watch out for, who was safe to talk to if he needed, and who probably needed a friend. When he saw the notice on the common room board, it was no surprise who had written it. Callie was very dedicated to her studies, and Dominic wouldn't mind studying with her. Perhaps then he would do a little bit better in the exams.

When the time came, Dominic collected all of his textbooks and packed them into his backpack before heading over to the student lounge. When he entered the room, he noticed Callie was the only person there. "Oh, hey Callie. Is this where the study group is?" he asked a little timidly, unsure if he was early or late. He was surprised to not see anyone else there. The boy walked over to the desk and sat down, hoping Callie was okay with him joining.
Callie was glad when at least one person joined her. She nodded eagerly. "Yeah it is, it's just us for now," Callie replied with a smile. "What are you going to be working on, Dominic?" She asked. Callie knew this was a space for them to study but she wasn't going to turn down a bit of a conversation too.
Marley always became nervous when it came to exams, she didn't want to fail her exams, and she wanted to do well. The Hufflepuff had studied as often as she could. So when she noticed that there was a notice about the study group, Marley knew she couldn't pass this opportunity. She thought it would be a great idea. The girl quickly grabbed her things and headed to the student lounge, which was stated on the notice where the study group was happening. When she turned up to the student lounge, it seemed only a couple of people were there, though she was glad that both were familiar faces. "Hey guys! I hope you don't mind me joining you. Is there room for one more?"
Vanity hadn't spent a lot of time on her schoolwork, it was unbearably boring, but she knew she should probably study at least a little for the upcoming exams. She had heard about a second-year study group which sounded useful. Vanity figured the sort of kids that went to a club like that were nerds who would take good notes, she could probably convince one of them to share them. She arrived in the student lounge and spotted a small group of second years. She frowned as she took it in, approaching them slowly. "Is... this only for hufflepuffs or something?" She asked, wondering if she had missed that.
Dominic smiled as Callie confirmed that he was at the right place. At her question, he shrugged. "I'm not too sure, to be honest. Maybe a little bit of everything." he told her, honestly a little overwhelmed with all of the work they had been given during the semester. He was glad to have someone else to do it with. But before he could open one of his textbooks, he beamed as Marley entered the room. "Hey Marley!" he exclaimed, always happy to see her. "Of course you can join. We were just wondering what we should have a look at first." At that moment, another person entered the room, one that Dominic had never spoken to before but had seen around. He was happy that more people were joining now. "Oh, not at all! You can join us. Maybe we should work on History of Magic then since we're all in the same class?"
Audrey probably had to do a little better at the whole socialising thing. Like it or not, she was stuck at the school with the same people for several years. Although she didn't necessarily think a whole lot about her year level beyond the obvious exceptions, maybe she just had to try a little more. It was all well and good looking up to the older students, though it was her own year level she'd have to deal with frequently. She'd noticed something about a second years study group, and although she didn't necessarily need to study too much herself, maybe she could get to know some other second years who had a few braincells. And perhaps show off just how clever she was, so that she could be rightfully admired.

Unfortunately, although Audrey had learned to be well behaved enough, her lack of tact did kind of get in the way at times. She overheard Vanity ask if it was just Hufflepuffs - as that's what the group seemed to be - and before she could even stop herself, blurted out, "well they do need it, have you seen the house points?" Great job, Audrey, that's how you get admiration. Slytherin were well ahead of Ravenclaw in second place as it was. "Er, well, I'm sure that's mostly the older students fault," she added, half-heartedly.
Lucy had seen the post on the board but was running a bit late. She had been daydreaming about what she'd do in the break - a great wealth of possibilities had come to her, mostly involving the outdoors, and by the time she arrived it turned out quite a few second years were already there - most of whom she recognised, including friends. She raised her eyebrows with a bit of an attitude at seeing Vanity - the last time they'd met hadn't been the best of circumstances. Lucy could hardly forget it. She caught what Audrey was saying, obviously something to do with Hufflepuffs not doing so well at house points. It was a little bit on the nose, and Lucy wasn't sure what to say to it. Instead, she awkwardly waved at everyone.
Callie was pleased as Marley arrived and she waved at the girl inviting her over and in greeting. "Room for plenty more," She was a little surprised at the tone that the slytherin girl took, and even more so at the other ravenclaw girl but shook her head. "Having the most amount of points isn't everyone's primary goal," Callie said with a shrug. She didn't try to do well in her classes for the house points. "But it's open for everyone to join." she told them and then to Lucy she waved, trying to also invite the girl to sit. "We're all just revising," She said, restating, somewhat pointlessly the point of this group she had organised. "All welcome,"

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