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Alias "Silver" Conqueror of the Mind
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Mixed Blood
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18 inches Deadwood Basilisk Fang
20/Born December 1st 2031
Trophy Showcase:
Name: Silverback
Born as: Luxen Alexander Silverback
Hex Color Code: 520504

Age: 20 Born: December 1st, 2031

School Graduated from: Hogwarts Scotland (Slytherin) Class of 2049

Wand (Inherited from Paternal Grandmother): 18 inches Straight Deadwood Unyielding Basilisk Fang

Current Residence: Tremaine Manor (Home of the Silverbacks)

'Snakes Eat their Own'

Mother: Eden Silverback
Father: Alexander Silverback (Presumed Deceased)
Half-Sister: Aine Le Fey
Paternal Grandfather: Luxen Rhein Silverback (Deceased) (The Dead Shall Rise) (Deceased again...Evil's Twilight) (Can't keep Me Down! Return of Luxen Silverback) (Goodbye Forever... Evil and Darkness of the Son Reborn)
Paternal Grandmother: Morganna Le'Creigh (Deceased)
Paternal Step-Grandmother: Maeve Silverback
Paternal Uncle: Luthor Styrr Silverback - born: September 9th 2020
Paternal Uncle: Micah Daegan Silverback - born: December 22nd 2022
Paternal Aunt: Maya Teagan Silverback - born: December 22nd 2022
Paternal Great-Great-Aunt: Lolita Silverback (Deceased)
Maternal Grandmother: Morgan Le Fey
Maternal Aunt: Professor Elvera Le Fey
Maternal Aunt: Lilith Patil
Cousins: Luxen Rhein Silverback II
Cousins: Selene Morgause Le Fey
Cousins: Heliana Elaine Le Fey

Personality: Silverback comes from a family of manipulators and is one himself, the idea of controlling others is natural to him as he see others as a means to achieve his own personal goals and is willing to do whatever it takes. He appears friendly on the outside but on the inside lacks basic compassion and seeks to control those around him whenever possible.

Despite this, he is also a knowledge seeker not just in magic but in all things and spends much of his free time reading rather than watching Quidditch or partying like most his age. His favorite books are those written by his Maternal Great-Grandmother and Author Cordelia Le'Creigh.

Born Luxen Alexander Silverback, he gave up his first name after learning all of the things the Silverback family did to his father simply because he was not part of the main line. Even as a child, Silverback enjoyed learning and especially the dark arts. Overtime he realized that true power was not obtained through one's self but through controlling others. Shortly before turning eleven he was sent away to live with his Paternal Great Great Aunt Lolita Silverback in England. While there he received his Hogwarts Letter where he was sorted into Slytherin House.

Through his mother's line he contains the blood of a Seer and often has strange dreams, whether that is due to his bloodline or simply just dreams has never been clear especially since he had never had a vision of the future. Through his father's line there is a habit to excel at Potions (his grandmother invented several that are still sold in the Silver Snake today)

While at school, Silverback excelled at Potions, Transfiguration, Charms, History of Magic, and Defense Against the Dark Arts receiving high marks in these subjects. He also wrote for the school newspaper and was on the Yearbook committee.

While at school Silverback kept a low profile, he never attended a single Quidditch Match and was often by himself reading. During the holidays he traveled with Lolita to find more information on dark objects just as his father had done though never really found anything of value and often destroyed what they found to keep others from possessing them.

Luthor Silverback popped in from time to time though it is unknown why Lolita's interest in training him waned as the years passed by. There was very little to no contact between Silverback and his uncle. The contact they did have was not friendly as Luthor often reminded Silverback that he was not truly a member of the main line and would likely not amount to anything special within the family. Time passed and eventually Lolita revealed the truth, about the things done to his father in the name of trying to make the Silverback's a great family and how it had all backfired. This created the animosity Silverback feels towards his cousins and Uncle. It is believed that Lolita herself not being part of the main line, put more effort into training him due to her own part in torturing his father though this is unknown.

It should be noted that he has never met his Aunt and Uncle nor his Maternal Step-Grandmother after they were taken to England after the death of his Grandfather. It is speculated that their older brother may have done something to the three of them as they have not been seen or heard from in years and did not attend Hogwarts when they came of age.

Trained in both the Dark Arts and the Mind by Lolita, he spent three years after graduated living off her resources and continuing to learn more about Dark Magic until she died. Now on his own, Silverback has joined the Scitorari's Conqueror of the Mind division and has returned to New Zealand to further increase his power and take everything that he believes belongs to him.

Throughout his life Silverback often had strange dreams and even day dreams that did not seem to be normal. While Lolita was aware of such dreams and his mother's ability as a seer, she noted that they did not appear to contain any secretes of the future and therefore ignored them. It wasn't until Silverback's Sixth Year at Hogwarts and after three years of keeping a Dream Diary did he begin to understand the truth behind his dreams. Unlike most seers, Silverback discovered that he was unable to see into the future but was seeing events from his families past. It wasn't until Lolita herself discovered that he was able to see events in the present despite distance that she realized the value of his powers and began trying to cultivate it.

Most often, Silverback learned that his visions often related to his own blood though every now and then it showed him someone else. It was through these visions he was able to learn about the existence and location of his cousin and current heir to the Silverback name. He has spent the of the last four years honing his dreams to focus on his cousin and his actions for the purpose of destroying him.

POWERS and Abilities:
He specialized in the use of the Imperious Curse though is cable of using all three Unforgivable Curses and Fiend Fire.

Labyrinthos Curse: "Cogito, ergo sum labyrinthos" Invented by Luxen Silverback this curse does the following: The spell traps the conscious mind of the target in a mental labyrinth, leaving the body in a catatonic state. The difficulty of escaping the labyrinth depends on the power of the caster. If the target reaches their consciousness in the center of the labyrinth, they are freed from the curse.

Seer: Through his mother's bloodline Silverback has inherited some Seer like abilities, unlike normal Seers however he is unable to see into the Future and instead see's into the past and sometimes (though rarely) the present. These visions often occur while asleep or in dream like states and therefore requires the use of a dream log to often interpret them.


CharmsDaDaTransfigurationHistory of MagicPotionsHerbology
AstronomyDivinationArithmancyAncient RunesMuggle StudiesCoMC
Private Dark Arts Lessons with Lolita Silverback
3 Years of advanced studies after graduation
Private Mind Games Lessons with Lolita Silverback 3 Years of advanced studies after graduation
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