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Aurora Archer

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12/2043 (17)
Aurora had gone a little casual with her costume, opting for something easier. Things she did actually have in her wardrobe which with a little make up and a guitar borrowed from the arts room, finished the look. She was being careful with the guitar but knew that it was at least just a school one. It was a casual and easy look, though she assumed most people wouldn't get it because of the low level of effort she had put into it. Aurora walked into the feast and just found a spot a good spot to dance in, being very mindful to not bother anyone with her guitar.
Ngawaiata's costume had never felt more relevant to her life. She felt like a ghost, drifting through the halls of Hogwarts from class to class, life empty without Sky in it. She knew she should be trying to focus on the things around her rather than pine for what wasn't, but she couldn't keep her thoughts from constantly drifting to her absent girlfriend. She had never pictured herself the kind of person to lose herself in love in this way, but here she was. She couldn't even use the feast as a distraction - as usual, everyone she was close with was off living their own lives, and she was just floating aimlessly around the room. It was definitely pathetic that she found herself gravitating to just the sight of a guitar. She didn't think she had ever talked to the Archer twins outside of classes and prefect meetings - wasn't even totally sure which one she was talking to now - but it was someone to talk to, and for the first time in her life she didn't want to be alone. "Can you play that?" She asked curiously, trying to remember how to make conversation. Small talk, right?
Soren wasn't too fussed about his costume this year, so he just threw together the first thing he thought of- a bad joke. When he got to the hall, he found Rosie first, saw she had some company, and resolved to just keep an eye on her but to leave her be for now. Instead he found his way to Aurora as he always did and slid in next to her with an easy smile. "Hello, ladies," He greeted, blinking a few times at Ngawaiata to make sure his eyes weren't failing him. "Whoa," He broke out a crooked grin and attempted to slip his arm around Aurora's waist. "You look awesome." He complimented the girl before turning to his partner. "And you're as beautiful as ever,"
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