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Lillian read the letter again, then put it down on her desk and sighed. She should have expected this, really. Her sister had never been one for much forward planning - indeed, Lillian was faintly surprised she’d decided this in time to act on it. And it was a good idea; she was right about the benefits of it. Arthur was a good kid, and Lillian was sure he’d do well at Hogwarts, but he was shy, and Samara hadn’t exactly thought through the implications of his name. As usual, though, she was ignoring the more inconvenient consequences. Those, apparently, were for Lillian to deal with. She meant to stay with Lillian while she found her own place, and while Lillian was of course happy to help, knowing Samara it could take anywhere from months to years. Lillian’s apartment wasn’t really big enough for three, and she had no intention of giving up her privacy for that long.

But she couldn’t do anything about that right now, so for the moment she would focus on what she could. Lillian was confident in front of a classroom of children, but dealing with one boy, alone - one boy she didn’t even know all that well - was intimidating. Let alone trying to be both a relative and a teacher to him. That last part, though, Lillian knew where she could get some advice about. Casting one last thoughtful glance at the letter on her desk, she left her office and walked down the corridor to knock on Matt’s door. “Hey, Matt,” she said when he answered, “can I ask your advice about something?”

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