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Lillian Sword

Professor Lillian Sword

HoM 1-4 | Intellectual | Driven
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Half Blood
Relationship Status
Sexual Orientation
Straight 11 Inch Rigid Black Walnut Wand with Manticore Venom Core
Lillian Selena Sword

The Basics

Character's Name: Lillian Selena Sword
Name meaning:
Lillian: An elaborated form of Lily, from the Latin lilium.
Selena: Latinized form of Selene, meaning moon in Greek.
Sword: An ancient English and Scottish surname, originally an occupational name for a swordsman or armourer.

Character's Birthdate: January 11 2010
Zodiac: Capricorn
Strengths: Responsible Patient Ambitious Resourceful Loyal
Weaknesses: Dictatorial Inhibited Conceited Distrusting Unimaginative
Hometown: York, England
Current Residence: Wellington, New Zealand
Blood Status: Half-blood
Sexuality: Bisexual

Education: Hogwarts Scotland
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Straight 11 Inch Rigid Black Walnut Wand with Manticore Venom Core
Style: Straight and smooth: what else is there to say?
Length: A fairly average length for a wand, not at all uncommon or very special.
Flexibility: A difficult wand to control and sometimes broken under little force, but powerful in a fight.
Wood: Black Walnut wands are especially aware of self deception and may not perform as expected for a witch or wizard in a state of inner conflict. Self-aware and assured wizards will have found a powerful and loyal companion, however.
Core: Many wandmakers refuse to work with this extremely rare core because of the lethality of its venom, but the few wands that exist with this core are especially strong at defensive magic. Wands with manticore venom cores have been known to combust on occasion, so users should beware before buying.
Favourite Class: History of Magic
Least Favourite Class: Potions
Clubs and Activities: Duelling club

Hair: Black, usually worn short
Eyes: Brown
Height: 57
Build: Slender
Style: Simple and professional, with a preference for black and white
Playby: Jaimie Alexander

A Little Deeper
Personality: Lillian is highly intellectual and insatiably curious. She cares a lot about the truth, and has a tendency to overthink things in her pursuit of it. She has a dry, sarcastic sense of humour. Lillian is a passionate and determined person, who will pursue any goal she sets her mind to until she accomplishes it. She is highly organised, and generally keeps her space tidy and neat. She is assertive and self-confident, but she prefers to be in control of a situation. Due to past betrayals, Lillian has difficulty trusting people, but if someone succeeds in getting close to her they will find her an unfailingly loyal friend.
- Lillian is very intelligent and perceptive
- Lillian is passionate about her work, and able to focus intently to achieve her ambitions
- Lillian is very loyal to the people close to her, prepared to help or support them with anything

- Lillian is distrustful of people, which makes her quite reserved in social situations, and it can be difficult to get to know her
- Lillian likes to be in control; she is anxious in unpredictable situations, and dislikes spontaneity
- Lillian is rather rigid, unwilling to consider changes to her way of doing things
Interests: Lillians great passion is history, but she is always interested in learning; her other favourite subject is mythology. Lillian is a keen amateur photographer, with a penchant for semi-abstract architectural details and the interplay of light and shadow. She took lessons in fencing as a teenager for the sake of irony, but it soon became genuinely her favourite sport; she is still a member of a fencing club. When she has the free time, she likes to read historical novels and murder mysteries.

Goals: To spread knowledge and encourage others to be enthusiastic about learning
Fears: Being abandoned or betrayed
Likes: dark blue, sarcasm, architecture, old books, anachronisms
Dislikes: mess, pranks, lies, time-wasting

History: To remain mysterious until better constrained

Samara Sword
Younger Sister
Age: 33 (2014)

Blood status: half-blood
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