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Cyrus Thorne

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After a year of watching the games and thinking over the idea, Cyrus had decided he wanted to try out for the Ravenclaw team this year. It seemed like a team that wasn't too competitive to get on, but he still wanted to make sure he had a bit of an advantage. Leah had offered to help him, so here they were at the pitch. Cyrus glanced at his broom and then at his cousin. "You're sure you can help me?" He asked her dubiously.
Leah was more than relieved to be back at school. It helped that now both her cousins were at school with her, and when Cyrus mentioned joining the quidditch team and needed some help she was practically dragging him out to the pitch. She scoffed when he asked if she could help him. "Of course." she said confidently. "I go to every game and know most of the captains by now." she said maybe a little over confidently now. But one captain being one of her best friends had to count for more, right? "Trust me." she insisted as she grabbed her broom. "Grab that quaffle and I'll head to the hoops, and you can try and score on me. Let's see if you've got what it takes to be a chaser."
Cyrus didn't know how knowing the captains would help, but he decided not to ask. It was nice of Leah to want to help him at all, especially since she was a sixth year and he only in his second year. He nodded as she told him to trust her, taking the broom more firmly in his hand. "Okay." He said. "Thanks..." He then grabbed the quaffle and flew into the air, waiting for Leah to take her position as keeper.

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