Quidditch Chat: Y44


Here's where you can chat all things quidditch for this IC year!

Quidditch will begin again in a few moments!
Any predictions for the season?
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Same :lol: I was like oh I’ll reply in the morning… nope too late!!!
Congrats Slytherin :D
Same :lol: I was like oh I’ll reply in the morning… nope too late!!!
Congrats Slytherin :D

I can safely say that most of Ivelisse's winning posts were written by me somewhere in the middle of the night/early morning. Opening my phone and hitting that button just in case was followed by a mix of 'yay she won' and 'oh no I have to type a post before I can get back to sleep' more than once :p
FYI, just in case people missed, the game should be on time out now for 3 hits. (Thanks Marijke for pointing that out!)
I just looked back and you're right. This game is a 'careful what you wish for' type game huh :r
I've been wanting to play in a long, bludger-filled game like this forever :p

Just sad Celia has to do it from the sidelines, though at least Reeve let her stay on the sidelines
Its hard to keep track of who's been hit so many times. Maybe we should start putting a tracker so its easier to follow
Off the top of my head, I think it's

Asclepius x2
Claire x1
Malik x1
Niniane x1


Seamus x1

but someone else can double-check that :p
Two on Nina now! I almost want her knocked out to put me out of my misery :r as though I'm not just going to sub Xenia in as seeker if she does get knocked out

Also I just realized we actually have both seekers in the same time zone now which is always handy :frantics:
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