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21(10June, 2038.)
Jenna was drawning and she was sad that Austin was not learning in the shcool here. He was another shcool and she will be go alone. Jenna was spending time. She was feel that Kiara to was changed her mind about her. They both was not spending the time at all. She take deep breath and she was alone here wirh her draw.
Cas spent more time in the arts room than he did in his dorm. He walked in, supplies in hand, and was surprised to see someone there. "Oh, hello," he greeted, smiling at the girl.
Jennas draw the nice moon and she was think mayby go after shcool to artist? She was thinking about that idea and see that the other person was coming here.''Hello, you are Casper?'' She asked if she remember right of him.
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Casper walked into the room, setting his things down. "Um, yeah. Have we met?" He asked. He thought he'd seen her around, but he didn't think he'd ever spoken to her. He wasn't sure he knew her name. She was a Hufflepuff, he thought, but not one he knew.
"Yes, i was in arts club" She smiled him and finished her draw. Jenna know him what he was and he was from Hufflepuff to but she never spoke to him.
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Cas blushed. That was where he recognized her, he should have known. He chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck. "Oh, that's right, you're Kiara's friend, right?" He asked her.
"That right, Kiara is my best friend" She smiled and she don't wanted tell him that she was call her dog with Kiara name and scared away
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Casper nodded, sitting down at a nearby table. "How is she? I haven't seen her since the club fair," he pouted a bit. He understood her reasoning for leaving in the end, but he missed her all the same.
''She has been bisy with leason but she is good. I a little jelaus of her that she have a ball partner'' Jenna take deep breath becouse she wanted to go with friend and all friends was dating. She felt weird here and she missed Austin more here but she didn't wanted go alone to ball.
Casper grimaced at the mention of the ball but tried to hide it. "Oh, she's probably going with Arthurian, huh?" He commented, thinking it was a safe enough comment.
''Yeah, she will be go with him'' She take deep breath. Jenna was always think that she is not to look good our something becouse, she was always alone in this shcool.
Cas nodded. "Yeah, I'm glad they're still together. It can be hard getting a date for the events," he tried to sound neutral as he said it. He knew Lysander would probably be around- just as friends of course. And Cas had been waiting around (even if he wouldn't admit it) for Sebastian to ask him on a date for years.
''Me to! Yeah, that true'' She nodded. It was hard find the partner to ball. She hoped go friend but she know that Iris and Nicol is dating and she was always a lone. It was hard time somtimes here but she was agreed spend time in coomon room again.
Cas sighed. He'd been trying to get a real date to anything for years, but it just never worked. He was starting to think he'd been permanently friend zoned. Especially after the fight with Lysander and the disaster of trying to get Seb to ask him to the ball. "If you go, you can probably find Lysander hanging out somewhere with one of his familiars," he tried to offer casually.
"I not sure is that good idea. From me is going around bad romours about me who is not true. I don't think he wanted go with me." She told him and mayby she will go something to eat and go back to coomon room.
Casper rose a brow. "Rumor?" He asked. "I don't know what you're talking about, I haven't heard anything." He shrugged. "Besides, I don't think Lysander is the kind of person to believe in rumors anyway. He's a really nice guy." At least, he was nice to other people that weren't Casper.
"Yeah" It was a rumor that she was jugde for that but some people was nice and belive that Jenna didn't do that. She hated that jugde feeling. "Tina is always jugde me for beliving in rumors" She told Casper about Tina Seville Lopez. "I will think about it. Thanky" She smiled.
Cas felt a little awkward as the girl continued on. Who was Tina? Why was Jenna so insistent on this rumor? It couldn't be that big if he hadn't heard anything about it. Hell, he lived with her twin brothers girlfriend, and he hadn't heard anything of the sort. He shrugged. "Right... yeah," He looked down at his supplies he'd brought in. Maybe he should just go and come back later.

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