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Vader Hume

sixth year; stressed out insecure; accio! editor
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Curved 14" Flexible Spruce Wand with Vampire Blood Core
10/2034 (16)
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Vader was hopeful that a new semester would bring him better luck, but it wasn’t starting off too well. The boy’s sleep over the break had been rocky, it had bounced between his level of alright and bad. Not quite end of semester or heightened stress bad, but not good. The boy just couldn’t understand what was wrong, he wasn’t stressed by anything, there was nothing going wrong and yet, his sleep was just not good. Vader was sitting tiredly in the great hall, he’d only just woken up, despite it being almost lunch time, he’d only fallen asleep half way through the early hours of the morning, using Ava’s little music box to eventually help him. But, Vegeta had come in loud and creating enough mess to wake Vader up, almost as if the boy always knew exactly when he hadn’t slept well to wake him up. He was in the great hall, with a snack he had gotten from the kitchens, just a little muffin with a coffee. He had spread his pictures out over the table, going through some of the most recent ones using Ava’s christmas present to him. He couldn’t help but love the new camera and the pictures it was able to produce were amazing, he could admit that he was taking up quite a lot of space, but he needed it to be able to really look at the pictures.

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