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</COLOR></FONT>[ul][li]has to be watched when picking fruit from the orchard to make sure she doesn't sneak peaches into her skirt pockets</LI>[li]picks a new outfit for her sewing mannequin to wear everyday; absolutely hates seeing it bare[li]once pouted for an entire day when her sister ate the last of the honey; refused to eat until more was bought[li]obsessively plans her life through the outlet of scrapbooking; can't function if the pages aren't 'pretty enough'[li]has a secret stash of lipsticks she's 'borrowed' from her mothers; her favourite colours are immortalised as passwords[li]guards the sunflower garden outside the kitchen window with her life; once stood down an escaped cow all afternoon[li]prefers seeing country scenery from out of the window; is perplexed by the idea of going outside to enjoy it[li]loves fashion reality shows, but in the way that she scoffs at them believing she can do better[li]there is no question as to which sister the matching baking set will go to; it is yellow, therefore it is jessica's[li]would follow her twin sister everywhere if it didn't involve so much dirt and hard work[li]is upset whenever nearby farms cut their wheat because she thinks it ruins the look[li]loves relaxing in the sun; ruins the relaxation by checking her sunscreen every twenty minutes[li]to her, going out on the farm means running through paddocks in the afternoon, not actually helping with anything<LI>[li]envies her sister's ability to drive the tractor, but screams whenever she lets go of the wheel to try and teach her[/li][/ul]
born 29 september 2031; full name jessica mary matthews; half blood, but raised as a muggle-born; heterosexual (assumed)
raised in new zealand by her muggle mothers, olivia and kristy matthews; has an older twin sister, laura; no magical ability
her wizard father, vaughn stratus, left kristy before he even knew about her pregnancy
has more in common with her mom, olivia, who taught her how to make clothes; coddles her a lot
kristy, her birth mother, is often outside tending to the orchard business she owns; spends more time with laura due to her interest in the farm, but still has a strong relationship with both her girls
jessica may not follow laura out onto the farm much, but doesn't deal with separation from her sister well

is prone to holding onto things longer than she should if she thinks there's even a small chance of getting what she wants
she's obsessed with love, but finds that it doesn't always come as easily to her as she wants it to
she does not deal at all well with 'complicated' feelings or situations, preferring to brush them aside or ignore them
she loves to spend her time with the people she cares about; hates being by herself
is very careful about what emotions she shows in order to get the desired response from people
can be overly critical of other people, especially if she doesn't approve of one thing about them in particular
is very concerned with wanting the people around her to think she's important
she isn't often seen to get angry, but when she does it comes from nowhere
thinks nothing of telling little white lies, and isn't above other small lies depending on the circumstances
loves to spend her time planning, particularly enjoys planning parties and events where she is the centre of attention
she will often place her romantic feelings above all other friend and family relationships
likes to stay in people's good graces so they will think more highly of her
will get agitated if she's not prepared for something, or things don't turn out the way she wanted them to

<COLOR color="#000"><FONT font="Georga">|QUESTIONS & ANSWERS|
[ How is Jessica coping with the fact that her sister has no magical ability? Is the separation proving difficult? ]
Jessica actually wasn't coping for quite a long time after receiving her letter. She almost idolises her sister, and relies on her far more than she realises in social situations. Discovering that she would be uprooted from all she had ever known and thrust into a world she knew nothing about was rather terrifying, especially considering she would have to do it without her primary support system. Because of this Jessica convinced herself that she hated the magical world for controlling her life, and her own magic for being the reason such a thing was even occurring. She was finally forced to accept her sisters status as a 'Squib' when trying to buy wands together and became more quiet after that, though still stubborn in her thoughts about magic. Surprisingly, although she misses her sister dreadfully the separation is not going as terribly as she had imagined, as her determination to not be alone has already driven her to reach out to various students in her year - even if given the choice she would drop these people in an instant to return home to her normal life.

[ How does Jessica feel about her father? ]
Jessica has never known her father in any way, and has never even bothered to ask his name. Growing up with two loving mothers she has never felt concerned by the absence of a father, and in fact as she aged she grew more resentful of the acknowledgement of his existence - if she was never good enough for him, why should he be good enough for her? Usually she never thinks of him, although recently she has found a new reason to hate him - it's his fault that she has magic.

[ Were Kristy and Olivia aware of the magical world, or of their daughter's abilities? ]
Being Muggles, neither Kristy or Olivia knew anything about magic - even though Kristy was with a wizard for a significant number of months. He kept his magical ability a secret knowing that he was never going to be very serious about the relationship, and thus Kristy remained unaware right up until the Ministry official appeared to inform them about Jessica. In saying that, there were a few strange occurrences surrounding their daughter that they noticed in her younger years, although these were always very small in nature. Ironically, they never noticed her primary exertion of uncontrolled magic, which was her ability to charm Olivia into letting her get away with almost anything.

[ What are Jessica's expectations of Hogwarts and the wizarding world? ]
Because she doesn't want to learn anything about the wizarding world, and already believes Hogwarts to be horrible through her forced attendance, Jessica really has no idea what to expect from them other than that she will hate it. At the core, her negative feelings towards magic stem from the fact that she was thrust into a world she had no experience in, and thus no control over - which scares her. On the surface she primarily associated these feelings with her separation from her sister, and since discovering that magic is real she has allowed, and even encouraged, her fright and dislike to intensify in order to justify both the lack of control she feels because of it, and the unfairness that she believes magic has given to her life.

[ How does Jessica feel about being sorted into Slytherin? ]
As she had no previous knowledge of anything to do with the school before she arrived, Jessica still doesn't quite understand that the general interpretations of each house are much more serious and meaningful than she currently believes. Despite beginning to hear stories from other students about negative Slytherin traits, Jessica continues to see her own personality as undefined by the house she has been sorted into - thus finding herself in the 'green' one doesn't bother her.

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Hi! I've got a few questions, if that's okay? :)
[li] How is Jessica coping with the fact that her sister has no magical ability? Is the separation proving difficult?</LI>
[li]How does Jessica feel about her father?
[li]Were Kristy and Olivia aware of the magical world, or of their daughter's abilities?
[li]What are Jessica's expectations of Howarts and the wizarding world?
<LI>[li]How does Jessica feel about being sorted into Slytherin?[/li][/ul]

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