It's time for Old School Week!

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"Old School Week" ( or "OSW" as we've affectionately taken to calling it ^_^ ) has become something of a staple on HNZ, after first being introduced as a suggestion from two site members - Jesse and Ash. This year, Jesse, was the winner of a prize during White šŸ˜ to decide when OSW would take place, and he wasted no time in using his prize! :party:

šŸŽ‰ Jesse would like us to declare "Old School Week " this week! šŸŽ‰

So, what is "Old School Week" you ask?
We'd like to think of it as a challenge to roleplay in a very specific way. For OSW, the focus is on an OPEN and shorter roleplay style. Many of us began roleplaying in this way which helped us to a)build up our skills and b) find/enjoy working with new RP partners. And this year, it's with the added bonus of happening during the holidays!

If you need more of a feel of what Old School Week is all about, feel free to check out some examples:
Stair after Stair

We've only got a few rules for this event:
1. RPs still have to comply with all board rules.
2. All "Old School Week" RPs must be open and marked with the OSW prefix.
3. We're also going to ask that you tag all roleplays for this as Old School Week or OSW. It'll help people to find them all more easily!
4. Keep your replies short! This will be the only time we ever impose rules on post length. ;)

To get us started, Jesse has started his own OSW RP you should consider joining. ^_^

Let us know if you'll be joining in below. I can't wait to read all of the fun plots! :frantics:

Have fun!

(on behalf of Jesse because he can't start topics in here :p)

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