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We've seen a lot of big changes in the last year - things that could have easily crushed our community (and, tragically, did end many others), only made us stronger and brought us into the next phase of being a site. But these changes also cost a lot of volunteer hours to bring us through and cash dollars to accomplish, pushing us to realize both HNZ's incredible potential and our increased precariousness on these here internets.

Fourteen years online is nothing to sneeze at, but now that we're out of the warm shelter of InvisionFree and then ZetaBoards (and rescued from the fiery hell of Tapatalk! Praise be, praise be.) we want to ensure that out here in the wilds we're able to survive and, more than that, thrive.

On the survival front we've invested in a number of add-ons, including a couple of custom ones, that make this software more like what we're familiar with and usable for our kind of RPG where people justifiably have multiple accounts (something that almost stopped us in our tracks). On the thriving front, we've invested in advertising in a new way (sorting saw a small Facebook ad campaign) which brought in many new users and is a trend we'd like to continue to lean into and experiment with, and have done a lot of leg work to keep everything special about HNZ special. We think HNZ is quite unique and should continue to have its basic needs met as well as grow.

To help us do this we're asking you to consider two things:

The first is simple, and it's what we have frequently said before - whitelist us from your adblocker. We have one google advertisement on some (not all) pages and it helps pay for the most basic bills we have (domain, server) - just by using the board you can help pay for it, too. I don't unblock ads anywhere and, here, even I have.

The second is something we've never asked before: if you're able, consider donating to support HNZ. If it'd hurt you to contribute at all, don't even consider it - "real life comes first" applies here more than ever before on the site. But if you're alright, if your family's taken care of, if money isn't a burden to you, consider sending something to give us a little bit more cushion should the unforeseen happen again and the ad and admin's generosity can't cover the shortfall, or for us to consider even bigger changes (like a server that doesn't start crashing when you have a shouty party?) in the future. If that's the situation you're in, and you want to put some dollars in the HNZ-security-fund, you can do so here.

But maybe you can't disable your adblocker because of your school's firewall, and your only luxury and leisure in life right now is those few moments on our site and you're not in a position to donate: we're so glad you're here! Keep using HNZ, keep it active and thriving and healthy by signing in, and roleplaying, and being silly with me in the OOC sections of the board.

Wherever you're at, and however you contribute to this community: thank you so much for being here, and giving HNZ such a special past and such a promising future!

(On behalf of the admin team)
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