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1. No talking or disturbing the class. You will be warned before being sent to your Head of House.
2. For your safety, do not touch any equipment or disturb any plants without explicit permission.
3. Keep peace amongst yourself and your peers. Any disagreements can be sorted outside of class time.
4. Do not insult me or your classmates.
5. Poorly written homework will not be accepted.
6. Be sure to wear protective gear when handling plants such as the bubotuber.
7. Make sure to bring in any protective gear to the next lesson if specified.
8. Please do not feed the plants unless told so by me.
9. If you are not having fun I am doing my job wrong. Please let me know if I am boring you at any time throughout the lesson.
10. If there are any queries regarding these rules, please see me in my office.


Lessons are not graded based on length. A post simply roleplaying your character going in the classroom, doing the work, and then leaving the classroom will give you an O. This is an exception for second years as a journal entry of only a few words will also be required in lessons 2-5 for full marks.

Lessons are graded mainly on content. If your character is disturbing the class, not doing as told, or is doing a poor job, but have a roleplay with 500+ words they will still receive a lower mark. With the exception of plagiarism no one will receive less than a P unless you PM me asking for a lower grade.


I will not tolerate plagiarism. In very few circumstances I will ask you to complete an essay. Any essay that is plagiarised will receive an automatic T. Essays may be as long or as short as you want them, but keep in mind that they must still have the required information.


10 is Outstanding
9 is Outstanding
8 is Outstanding
7 is Exceeding Expectations
6 is Exceeding Expectations
5 is Acceptable
4 is Acceptable
3 is Poor
2 is Poor
1 is Dreadful
0 is Troll

Please note: If you are feeling that you are struggling with Herbology please do not hesitate to visit my, or Professor Castillo's office and we will organise some extra tuition.
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