Graphics Request Rules and Guidlines

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Graphics Requests: Rules and Guidelines

The graphics forums, and graphics requests, are not an essential part of Hogwarts New Zealand - therefore if this becomes too much of a hassle at any point in time it can be removed without much of a second thought. The rules here will be simple - so just abide by them and we'll all be happy. :)
  • You must fill out the form provided in order to have your request filled - when you go to post a new topic a form will appear in the post area that you can complete and post.
  • You may request as many banners as you want, but people filling requests always have the choice not to fill your requests.
  • If a banner maker so desires, they can request that you give them credit for making your signature image/avatar - if they request that you are obligated to give it to them so long as you're using their image.
  • If your request goes without reply (by you or the graphics person) by two weeks or longer it will be marked as failed
  • You must not request a specific person to do your graphic, whether in the title or by tagging.
  • All Board Rules still apply in this forum

At the request of banner makers, we would also ask that you ensure to reply after they have posted the completed request, so they know whether you liked it, or if something needs changing. Simply utilizing the image doesn't always tell them to close the topic.

Simple enough, right? Let's keep it that way. ^_^

(On behalf of the HNZ Admin Team)
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Here are some guidelines on how to pick images for graphics makers to use:
  • The bigger and higher quality the image the better! The pictures are less likely to be pixelated or being sized up to fit the graphic reducing the quality.
  • Avoid images that cuts off body parts, i.e. an image that cuts off part of the shoulders, hands, the top of the head etc.
  • Avoid heavily edited pictures. The more heavily edited the picture before it's used in a graphic the more difficult it is to make it fit.
  • Be clear about what you want. If you would rather the graphic maker pick the pictures, be clear about how you want the character to look.

These guidelines can help both graphic makers in making the graphic but also the requester to know how best to pick images. If in doubt do not be afraid to ask any of the graphics makers about the images you've provided.​
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