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Raafe Khatri

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It somewhat ruined the point of their group costume to split up, but Raafe was kind of glad to get a break from Anisha right now. They'd done their usual rounds and taken pictures for the contest and now Anisha had slipped away to do something and left Raafe to his own devices. Normally, Raafe would have tagged along, quietly interjecting with a comment meant to make her laugh or just watching so they could talk about it later, but this year he'd found he had less patience for Anisha than he usually did. It couldn't hurt to try and branch out a little more, he figured, and if Anisha asked he'd just say he was getting some extra pictures for the yearbook or something.

Now, Raafe was currently sizing up the grindylow pinata, trying to avoid smudging the carefully painted rainbow across his face as he resisted the urge to adjust glasses he was no longer wearing for the night. "Yup. That's definitely. A thing," he announced to himself, squinting at the pinata dubiously. He supposed if the school was going to be encouraging violence against any creatures tonight, there were worst things to pick.
Ezra had almost gone shopping for a proper Halloween costume over break, but he had been worried that maybe fifth year was the year nobody cared anymore. Nothing sounded worse to him than being the only one elaborately dressed up. But now he didn't really have anything while his classmates definitely still cared about dressing up and putting effort into it. He had just put on a flimsy cowboy hat someone else had decided not to use, but nothing else about his clothes matched. He just wore a shirt and jeans, fully aware it was a very half-hearted costume. But it was better to be the person not caring enough than the person caring too much, at least as far as Ezra figured.

Dorian wasn't really into these parties and Ezra hadn't spotted him yet, he wasn't even sure if he was around here somewhere. Ezra walked around a bit, looking for anyone familiar. He paused at the pinata as he saw Raafe Khatri squinting at it. He looked very nice with a beautiful rainbow on his face, but it clearly had come at a sacrifice. "You couldn't paint your glasses rainbow too?" Ezra asked casually as he glanced up at the pinata. "It's a grindylow, like every year." He provided helpfully.
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