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Isaiah Thompson

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Yellow rose for @Aurora Archer

After his succes at the Slytherin table Isaiah was about to move on when he noticed a familiar girl hanging around their own house table, grinning as he quickly made his way over. "Yo, Aurora!" He called out, hoping to keep his fellow beater from moving away as he walked up to her. "Got a delivery for you."
Aurora was sitting at the Gryffindor table enjoying a little lunch with her sister. She glanced up at the familiar voice. "Hey Isaiah!" she smiled at him, and giggled excitedly at the fact she had a rose.
Rosie glanced towards the older boy who'd joined them at the Gryffindor table. "Ooooooh," she said. "A rose," She teased excitedly.
Zay grinned at the girls' reactions to him mentioning the rose, picking out the right one and holding it out for her to take. "So, you kids got any interesting roses yet? Secret admirers?" He asked jokingly.

I was lucky to meet you in our first year. You have always been a fantastic friend. Thank you.

Aurora shoved her sister playfully and then took the yellow rose. She took the note too and turned it over in her hands before opening it. "It's from Slate," Aurora told her sister. It was a sweet note. she looked up at Isaiah. "Thanks Isaiah," she said.
Rosie let her sister take both of them first before she took the rose. It was a pretty rose. She glanced at the note. "That was sweet of him,"

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