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Lemina left Transfiguration. That day they'd been doing something with chipmunks and statues, but it had all been a bit of a bore for Lemi. She was still looking for some zang.

As she made her way to the stairs which would take her down to the common room she decided that she felt like completing a goal today. Pulling out the list she'd made that day she'd spoken to Harri, Lemi thought hard. Complete assignments, don't have the willpower right now. She looked at the rest of her ambitions. None of them are really what I feel like right now.

Sighing she walked on. Soon she walked past a door which was just slightly ajar. Peering in, Lemi saw that it was empty. She entered and sat down on a desk. It was an old classroom. There were three big, dark cupboards against the walls, a old, disused professor's desk, and lots of table and chairs pushed up against the walls on the opposite sides from the cupboards. The walls were decorated with a large Hogwarts banner, and various posters concerning the wizarding world.

Lemi pulled out a sheet of parchment, she'd taken to writing a lot recently. I should write to Mamma, I haven't in a while. She began to write in her neat, loopy calligraphy. She'd been taught by Granny. Other than a few books, it was the only thing she had to remember her by.


I'm sorry I haven't wrote in a while. I fell ill soon after I got back to Hogwarts. It was nothing major, just a wee bug. It just meant the majority of the time I spent in bed and I wasn't able to complete assignments right on time. The professors were all fine about this except now I have loads to do and find it hard to catch up. Don't worry though, I'll be fine.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. How are you, the girls? Tell Lizzi I'll write her a letter soon. How's Mina enjoying nursery?

I know I've already said it about a billion times but THANK YOU for the broom. Due to being ill, I haven't had a chance to use it since getting back, but'll try it out soon enough.

Write back soon.

Lemina x

She sat, simply contemplating life. She secretely hoped someone would join her, yet doubted it in a place like this. Oh well!
Kasey came out of the girls lavatory and was deciding to go and ask Ginny if she wanted to do some hanging out because Kasey didnt feel like studying and nor did she feel like eating, maybe they could go to Brighstone Village, yeah that seemed nice because Kasey was out of sugar quills and if she didnt restock them she would die of boredom in class.

She had been thinking all this when she thought she heard something in a class which she took as empty.She decided to check it out as she had nothing to do and so she turned the door knob and found Lemina inside with a letter."Hi Lemi, whats up?"she asked as she walked in the class and sat beside Lemina.
Lemi heard somebody enter the room, she looked up, Kasey came and sat beside her. "Hey Kasey." They'd met a few times in first year but hadn't seen each other lately, "How're you?"

She noticed the letter in her hand and thought Kasey'd be wondering what it was, "It's just a letter to my mum, nothing important."

In the few minutes that she'd been here she'd started to feel like this room was her own secret place. "Have you ever been here before?" She asked Kasey, whilst swinging her legs under the desk.
"I'm fine"Kasey said with a smile."Nope"she said in reply to Lemi's answer,"what about you?Or its your first time too"she said."You were just here by your own, anything happened?"she asked curiously because she wanted to know the reason why Lemina was alone.
Lemi contemplated what Kasey had asked her, realising she could answer them both at the same time. Kill two birds with one stone, I guess! "I was just bored, and saw an empty classroom. I like it here. It's homely."
[color=b8860b]"Lessons?" Lemi paused, thinking through the last term. "Well, I've gotten a little behind on homework, but I should be able to catch up." She was suddenly feeling a lot more positive about life for some reason. [/color]
[color=00ced6]"Well," Lemina paused. Roomies, huh? "I used to share with Brenda Flack, Crystal Peakocks and Kat Kingsley. But Brenda and Crystal have left now, so me, Kat and Maddiie Hollawarth share. It's ace!" She paused, wondering what the true question Kasey was asking was. Unable to think of anything she asked, "So, what about you."[/color]
Kasey listened to Lemi's answer.She too had lost two friends in the past year."When we came to school, it was me Jessy,Ginny, Elissa, Tamara and Jayne.Tamara left in the first year and Jessy, Jayne and Elissa in the second year so we decided to live in Kailey's dorm as she was alone because Lily went to the fourth year dorm.So know its just me Ginny and Kailey.It used to be fun at first when all of us were together we played games and made jokes.We also had done some good pranks"she said remembering the Golden moments with her best friends.
[color=00ced6]"Yeah..." Lemina sighed. What was it with this school. Why couldn't they keep people for more than a few years, it was just that all her friends seemed to disappear. All the boys she had liked too. Harry, Patrick, Sam, Blane. "Oh well. I guess that's just life. What's your favourite place in the castle?"[/color]
"My favourite place in the castle??"she said thinking."I think its the Room Of requirement,though I have just been there like three times but it is quite useful and it can turn into whatever I like but if you are asking about some normal favourite than I think it will be the Garden.Are you part of the Wild Patch Club?"she asked her.
[color=00ced6]((I did RP being in the RoR once, but it wasn't a major RP and no one replied. Plus I don't think Lemi would know about it. So I'm just going to pretend she's never heard of it :p ))

"Room of Requirments?" She was sure her mother had once told her something during the battle of Hogwarts, where some place similiar had been used. But I'm sure there isn't one here. Room of Requirments? Although there was a possibility she'd heard of it, she knew next to nothing about it.[/color]
"yeah, havent you heard of it before?"she asked her witha grin."Well, its a room thats always appropriate to the seekers need.It only appears to soemone who is in the real need of it.It turns into anything"she explained."Twice I had choosed it as a party venue and once I had choosed it when I was lonely and needed a place to hide"she added.
[color=00ced6]"Oh." Lemina smiled. "How on earth did you find it?"

She looked up at the professor's desk. There were three strange wandish like things sitting on there. Lemi approached them, and saw, to her suprise, that they were muggle pens. "Hey look at these, Kasey." Having had a only semi-magical upbringing, she happened to know what they were.[/color]
"I was just passing by some where on the seventh floor and it just opened out of no where but it keeps on moving here and there so that no one can find it."she explained and than saw Lemi's attention being drawn to something else.

She walked to whatever it was and than realized it where muggle pens."Yeah, they are muggle pens.I think this is the muggle studies classroom because I had heard professor belladonna talk to professor loyld about it in the broom sticks.They use pens."she told Lemi what she knew on the subject."Are you taking muggle studies?"she asked her with a sad feeling.She wanted to take it but sh ehad said no because it would make her choosen subjects to become four an dshe couldn't handle all of them.
[color=00ced6]((We haven't finished choosing electives yet =D Though Lemi's already said she'd take Muggle Studies and CoMC so I said =P ))

"Really? You learn how to use pens?" Lemina was confused, this was the kind of thing you learned when you were wee, not the kind of thing you took exams on. "Yeah, I am. What about you?"[/color]
"Yeah, thats what I heard"she said."No, I am not."she sighed."I wnated to, I wanted to see muggle stuff from wizarding point but for being an Auror , thats what i want to do, you need Care Of Magical Creatures, Divination aand so I have to take Divination.I am taking rthimacy so I cant have any more subjects.I am already taking one more than normal and dont wnat to load myself with more lessons"she explained."I didnt really wnat to take Care Of magical creatures but I am taking it now."she said
[color=00ced6]Lemina sighed, "Oh well. I'm taking quite a few. I've no idea what I want to be though." She giggled and ran her fingers through her hair.[/color]
"Thats okay, I just want to be an auror maybe because thats the only magical job that I have heard is famous and demanding"she said witha giggle."Do you have any siblings who are coming here next year?"she asked her intrested in Lemi's family.
[color=00ced6]"Nope." Lemina sighed. "I've got a little sister who's going into second year at Hogwarts Scotland, and my other two little sisters'll be going there when they're older." She picked up a scrap of parchment that was lying next to the pens, took a pen, and wandered back to the desks and began doodling on the paper.[/color]
"I see"she said as she walked to where Lemina had moved and sat on the table on which her table was placed.Kasey hesitated to ask the next question but hoped Lemina wouldn't take it as an insult, because Kasey was not a Slytherin."Lemina you aren't muggle born, yeah?"not that this mattered to her but Kasey wanted to know everything about her friend when she decided to make one.
[color=00ced6]"No, half-blood. Dad's a muggle, mum's a witch." She frowned, then smiled again. She wondered why Kasey would ask such questions, but she supposed that it was a bit like asking what her family where like. "What about you?"[/color]
"Same.Dad was a muggle born though he had attended Hogwarts England an dmom was a witch."she said."So are you lokking forward to holidays"she asked Lemi
[color=00ced6]((Remember this is like mid-term :D ))

"I suppose, don't think I'm doing much, it's still ages away though!" Lemina smiled at Kasey.[/color]

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