End of Y31!

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It took us a little longer than usual, but we are finally bringing Y31 to a close! :party: As usual, there are quite a few announcements that come with that.

We would be remiss if we did not take a moment to stop and acknowledge the RPers with professors. They stepped up and took on a lot of work this week in getting lessons and final grades completed in a timely manner. From the admin to you, we want to express our sincerest thank you for taking on this extra work and helping us keep the site moving along. :wub:

With Y31 officially done, here are some things you should all take note of:


Obviously, the gradebook system is not yet up and running. If you are curious about final grades, you will have to search each individual class. If you see a grade is missing for a class you completed, kindly PM the professor or a site staff member to look into it for you.


The Graduation Ceremony is open for graduating seventh years, their guests, professors and prefects. If you haven't joined and you have the ability to, you should be sure to do so! ^_^

Group Promotions

Tomorrow, all student accounts will be promoted to the group for their next year level. Seventh years will be placed into a "HNZ graduates" group so that you can wrap up ongoing school RPs before the next school year begins. Unlike in previous years, all Graduates will remain in this group and will automatically be moved into the magical group shortly before the start of the new school year. Note that you will not have access to all school areas, but should you experience issues with any holiday forum, please reach out to an admin.

End of Year Feast

Ravenclaw has won the house cup again! The theme should be updated in the next day or so to reflect the new cup winners!
Head on over to celebrate their victory or boo them. :p And then join in to celebrate the end of the school year!

Holiday Forums

As indicated in the BWU, now that the End of Year Feast has been posted, you should consider the holidays officially opened. Enjoy posting! Looking forward to all of the holiday roleplays! :cool:

Loose Ends for Clubs/Quidditch

If you lead a student club or quidditch team and you don't PM me before the weekend ends, you will forfeit your ability to choose your successor. Have your say and reply today. ;)


Sorting will open soonish and will have its own special announcement, but stay tuned for the sorting discussion topic which will go up very soon. EDIT: Told you it would be soon! Here it is!


Over the next week, a number of professor positions will be going up. We encourage you to think about joining the team.

I think that's it for announcements. Fun times ahead!

(on behalf of the admin)
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