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Fraser Fergusson

quidditch obsessed; dejected
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
Relationship Status
Too Young to Care
Knotted 10 1/2 Inch Flexible Vine Wand with Fairy Wing Core
10/2046 (14)
Fraser had agreed to this the day before at the club fair, and now was feeling a lot more nervous about it. He had his camera and was waiting outside the accio room, one for Zerrin and the other for the girl. He just…he was nervous. What if he jumped through the hoops, and he just wasn't good enough. What if he just wasn't good enough for anything. Perhaps he was a little young to think that his life would just be a disaster if he didn't at least manage this, but, just what if it was?! Fraser wasn't sure he wanted more rejection, which was why he had asked Zerrin to come, knowing that his brother could at least be moral support for him.
Zerrin was running a little late, but he'd rushed down when Fraser had asked him to come down and help him with something. He was jogging, trying to make up for a little lost time, and smiled brightly when he caught sight of his brother. Zerrin hurried up beside him, automatically reaching out to put a hand on his brothers back. "Hey, Fray, come on," He was encouraging immediately, his voice soft. "You've got this."
Rosie was just getting a few things ready when she heard the boy at the door. She walked over and opened it. "Fraser, right?" she greeted warmly. "Is this your friend?" she asked. "He can join us today no problem if you'd like,"
Fraser was relieved when he finally spotted Zerrin as the boy approached. He gave an unsure smile. "I dunno, maybe it won't work out," he replied, before shrugging a little. The door opened before he could say anything else, express more of his concerns. He nodded. "Brother," Fraser said and then guided him into the room.
Zerrin was about to reassure his brother when the door opened. He smiled at the girl. "Why not both?" He offered with an easy grin, following them into the room and sticking close to his brother. He stuck close, ready to offer his full support to Fraser if he needed it.
Rosie smiled at the two boys, "Brother and friend," she agreed. The pair were in the room, and she focused on fraser and gave a little smile. "Let's get to a portrait," she said, and with a flick of her wand, the side of the room they used for taking pictures transformed into the plain white background and the stand flew to where it needed to. "Zerrin, right, can you go stand against the white wall, and Fraser join me here behind the camera,"
Fraser nodded in agreement to what Zerrin said, but there was little time to contemplate as the girl had them moving to take some pictures. He went in behind the camera and began lining the shot up, though the angle was already pretty right, it just had to be adjusted to account for Zerrin's height. "Okay, I'm ready,"
Zerrin blinked. "Oh, I'm in pictures? Cool!" He walked over to where he'd been told to, giving them his biggest smile. He struck a few poses before moving back over, leaning in to try and see if it was something he could sneak a peek of. "How're we doing?" He asked.
Fraser got to work when she let him, taking a couple of pictures of Zerrin as he posed. Trying his best to stay focused and make sure that he got it properly. The boy took a few and then looked to Rosie as she nodded. "Good," he assured Zerrin, though he wasn't all that confident.
Rosie watched as Fraser took the pictures, offering no advice, just seeing how he managed on his own. He seemed to know his way around a camera which was helpful and was good at waiting for his brother to be finished moving before taking the picture. "Yeah, that's good," she said with a nod. "Let's develop the pictures and see how they turned out,"
Zerrin smiled and shifted to knock his arm against Frasers. "See? What did I tell you? Killing it," He gave his brother a bright grin. "You've so totally got this in the bag," He hooked his hands behind his head before turning to the girl. "So what was your name again?" He asked, having absolutely forgotten it.
Fraser nodded eagerly, dismantling the camera from its position and giving it to the girl, Rosie, as she then guided them to where they could do the development of the pictures. Fraser smiled at his brother, being a little bashful about the praise, since he would of course not actually know until after this if the picture were actually decent enough.
Rosie took the camera from Fraser and began guiding them towards the dark room. She placed it down and then glanced at the brother. "Rosie," she said with a warm tone. "Rosie Archer," she said. "You're Zerrin Fergusson," she said, knowing who people were was a side effect of the job she held in accio. She then began taking Fraser through the many steps of developing pictures.
Zerrin moved over to the room with the other two. He reached over to Fraser, meaning to rub his back. "Nice to meet you Rosie!" He countered with an easy smile. He thought it was cool that she knew his name. "Have you been working for Accio long?" He asked, leaning back against the wall and smiling. "What sort of job is it?"

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