Detention Teaches Me Little But Here I Am

Liusaidh Fergusson

most likely to be killed by styx
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too young to care
Knotted 12" Flexible Chestnut Wand with Kelpie Hair Core
7/2040 (14)
Liusaidh hadn't really aimed to get detention in her first class of the semester, but it had happened. She had asked a very simple question, looking for a very simple answer on the professor as to what constituted a disruption. But of course she also had known exactly what it would do. Liusaidh didn't care much about it and she was more than happy to take the detention in stride as necessary. The slytherin arrived at the professor's office, where the door was a little ajar. She stepped in with little forethought, only just knocking on his door, "Professor, Ah'm here fae detention," she said. She'd had detention with Professor Styx already, she doubted that whatever professor lame decided for her to do was going to be of little consequence.

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