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Padme Hume

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Padme had thought she would hate school events like the one she was going to, but there was something so fun about putting on a nice outfit, doing her hair and then going to enjoy herself. She’d danced with some boy in the last event and was hopeful to do the same now. Maybe with Jace or Cyrus. She liked spending time with both of those boys, so she could definitely have fun at an event like this with them too. She was more than keen to do that. The girl had worn a very simple dress, a very yellow dress and she’d worn her hair half up and half down, even put on some make up. It wasn’t her best job, but she was still learning how to put any of it on, on how to do her hair. She was trying her best that much was certain. She reached the great hall and took only a moment to take in how amazing the hall looked before she skipped her way out to the dancefloor and just began dancing away. Letting herself feel and enjoy the music that was being played. She was having fun! Even alone she could have the most amount of fun.
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