Padme Hume

Padme Hume

observant & distrustful ; Mākutu Dinette Waitress
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Padmé Jane Hume

Padmé - A good name for a stubborn, spitfire personality. Padmé is the fictional queen/senator of Naboo in the Star Wars saga. She is the wife of Anakin Skywalker(Darth Vader) and mother to Luke and Leia. Padmé Amidala is the fictional queen/senator of Naboo in the Star Wars saga.
Jane - English cognate of the French Jehanne and Jeanne, which are feminine forms of Jean, a cognate of John (God is gracious).Jane, a perennially popular name, was the name of the central character in Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre (1847).
Hume - n Scottish the meaning of the name Hume is From the cave.

Much like her brother, Padme was named after a character of Star wars because of her parents obsession and joint interest in the franchise. Her name attracts some ridicule but not nearly as much as her brother, but more so than her sister. Padme as the first girl born to her parents felt right to name her after the principal mother character from the second series that then spawns the children which were in the original. Padme knows that had their mother had another boy it would’ve been called Luke and a girl following her sister would’ve likely inherited the names of the third trilogy. Padme has never had the same viseral hatred of her own name as her brother has always had, with a slightly different and more normal name Padme has been able to brush off a lot of the things her brother could, but her primary years were not without their problems due to her name. It was well known that they were siblings and being closest in age it presented padme with a lighter version of what her brother had to deal with. She doesn’t mind her name, her first name is difficult but she doesn’t mind it. The middle name Jane was a name that they would’ve called her had her parents not stuck to their theme. Padme doesn’t like this name much and is happier with it having been largely forgotten by her parents. It’s not something that ever gets brought up apart from situations where Padme needs her full name. The surname which he has is a very common surname which comes from his familys origin from outside New Zealand. The surname isn’t something Padme has ever minded or given much thought about, with the rest of her name being the way that it was, the surname has never mattered much. Overall, Padme doesn’t like her name, but she can deal with it better than her brother and knows that she could probably grow more into it.

With a name like Padme, already exceedingly short, Padme has never wanted nor needed another name. No one calls her by her middle name and she’s never been friends with anyone who felt the need to have her name be anything other than what it was. Padme knows that having a nickname would be pretty fun, but there’s also a part of her which knows it’s just pointless. It wouldn’t mean anything, it would just be something that the one person called her and never something that would become her name. Though Padme would enjoy the sort of friends that would be that close she has resigned herself to not have them and to be therefore satisfied without a nickname.

Currently Padme is only 14 years old.

21st May 2038

Student - she is too young to have a profession


Name: Sabrina Hume
DOB: December 2010
Relationship: Mother.
Occupation: Zoo Keeper

Blood status: Muggle

Name: Charles Hume
DOB: August 2013
Relationship: Father
Occupation: Accountant

Blood status: Muggle

Name: Vader Hume
DOB: October 2034
Relationship: brother.
Occupation: too young

Blood status: Muggleborn

Name: Leia Hume
DOB: September 2039
Relationship: Sister
Occupation: too young

Blood status: Muggleborn

Charles Harold Hume - Muggle, he studied at Wellington University and is an accountant in a large firm in downtown Wellington.
Charles was born and raised in a muggle family, he went to school and then university and always considered himself a huge nerd for things that were a little before his birth. Born in the wrong generation he always claimed. he lived a rather average life, he got married and had three children. He enjoys his job and it keeps him and his family sufficient. He has always had a passion for sci-fi and has written three novels of the genre, though they've never been published. He always encouraged his children to find their passions and to still keep those up when they work themselves. He was a little blind to his children’s troubles in school, with little time to really spare for his children and home life he always assumed because the teachers said good things that he was managing just fine and there was little to worry about. He was very surprised therefore to find out during Vader's final year in muggle school that he was skipping the occasional class and had nearly stopped interacting with other students. He had pushed for Vader to join the photography class offered and thought that would be enough to encourage him back. But within weeks of that happening, he found out that his son was actually a wizard and would be attending a magic school come the following year. He is proud of Vader but does very much feel like he's lost his son. His attention since the loss of his son to the magical world, Padme became much more a centre of his attention. He encouraged her to join a graphic design class, a coding class and a computer game class, Padme picked up the different things very well but she didn’t particularly like any. She liked the graphic design class because she always liked sketching and she liked reading the same comics that her brother read. She has more passions in reading about how things work and has always excelled in science related classes. Padme’s father was disappointed when she didn’t take to the things that he had pushed her into. Though in that she has taken an interest in his sci-fi novels which he is much happier about. Charles is going to miss his daughter when she goes to the magical school, he feels like it’s too early for them to be off away from home. He is happier that Padme hasn’t been skipping school in the same way as her brother did.

Sabrina Ferrie Hume - Muggle, she studied at Wellington University and works in the local zoo, looking after the giraffes.
Sabrina's love of animals has always driven her passion throughout her life and working at a zoo is as rewarding as it was difficult. She worked exceedingly hard to get to that position. She worked hard in school and in university. She had discovered during that time a real passion for films and photography and met her future husband at a convention in Auckland about star wars. The two were exceedingly close right off the bat. Sabrina loves being part of a family and definitely views raising children much like a zoo. She was the one who bought Vader his first camera when he was four years old, an old old camera that would still work if he dropped it and has steadily given him more and more as the years went on. She was very happy when he seemed to also pick up the passion for it. Much like with Vader, Padme really struggled to make friends, though Padme was never as badly bullied as Vader was but her closer age to her brother meant she was sometimes targeted too, especially after her brother left the school. Sabrina was far less blind to Vader's school problems than her husband and by proxy Padme’s too, but she wasn't sure what to do about it, there didn’t seem to be anything that she could do to help it, aside from encouraging her children to do more with their passions. She had always been quite popular in school, had never known what to do about bullies, so she'd just assumed that eventually Vader and Padme would find some friends. Sabrina was exceedingly surprised about it, but she could admit that she had noted that odd things did occasionally happen around him that couldn't be necessarily explained, especially understanding it better when her two other daughters showed signs. After Vader left for school, the house felt decidedly more empty, so she and her husband got a dog. It was quickly clear that padme was a witch too like her brother, and she has gotten closer with her youngest child in a hope that she might not be a witch and to spend the most amount of time with her and far less time with Padme. She has encouraged her youngest daughter, Leia to have as many passions or as clear passions as either of her siblings but has become increasingly more interested in sketching and visiting the zoo with her mother.

One older brother and one younger sisters, Vader was born October 30th 2034 and Leia September 13th 2039. Padme was very close to Vader before he left for school, and always tried to spend time with him in school when he was alone. Her brother suffered a lot at school, he was the first to show signs of magic and she was relieved to watch him leave. Leia being much younger just misses her big brother but due to him leaving has grown exceedingly close to her older sister and will miss her dearly when she too leaves for school. She is also very protective of her older brother, despite him being older.

Both of her parents have siblings, her mothers parents had three children, two girls and one boy. Hermother is the middle sibling and older girl. Her uncle, the oldest of that family, currently lives in the same town as them in New Zealand, he works in a computing firm, fixing computer problems for people, his wife is a computer security expert, working in the same company but providing tech security to companies who ask for it. They have three children, all boys, all of whom are non magical, one born in 2027, the second in 2030 and the last in 2032. The aunt, and youngest of the family, married her lifelong partner, a woman from the school they both attended. They are both yoga instructors, and have one child that the aunt carried, a little girl, born in 2037 and currently shows no sign of magic. On the fathers side the parents had two boys, their father being the older of the two, the youngest of the two has been married four times, and has a total of six children, three from the first wife, and one from each of the others.

Padme would describe her relationship with her family primarily as complex. With her brother there the family dynamic was calm, people would interact and her parents were caring and fine, but without Vader at the house things are trickier. Her mother seems to have suffered the loss the most and with Padme’s signs of magic too has focused her attention more upon her younger sister rather than on Padme herself. Her father did the opposite focusing upon padme more so than leia, in a seemingly last stitch attempt to teach her so many muggle things that the it trumped the magical, which it never would. Padme is close with both her parents, but figuring the letter and the magic was coming has affected her relationship with them, creating a wide divide between them. Padme was always very close with Vader, he is her older brother and had always been very kind and protective over her, ensuring that she didn’t get picked on in school, whenever he could. Padme as the closest in age to her brother has stood on the sidelines of a lot of things happening in his life, especially in school. She therefore also feels very protective over him, she’ll try a lot to get his trust and to show him that she cares. She misses her brother dearly and misses most of all the friendship that they had. With her younger sister Leia, she is also very protective over. She has taken over from vader as the primary person to protect her and has taken it upon herself to always help her with anything. They are very close sisters.

The family used to own a dog, a golden retriever just after Padme was born, it was already quite an old dog when the family got it, and it was put down shortly after Padme turned seven. They didn’t get a new pet for quite a few years. When Vader left for school he got an owl, and the family decided to get a new pet, almost to fill in a bit of the void which her brother left in the family. It is a little dog that uttely adores both Padme and her sister Leia. Padme does very much also want an owl when she goes to school. Padme knows she could use Vader’s owl, but she’d rather not.

Being born of non-magical parents makes Padme a muggleborn

Padme is very pleased to be a muggleborn witch, when her brother got his letter, she had been very keen to find out if she too was a witch. It turned out that she was and Padme was very happy. The girl really liked everything about even the mere idea of magic that she could help but be very happy about the fact that she was a witch. The fact that there is a standing within the magical community due to blood is not something she cares anything about, she is just happy to be a witch.

Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand

Padme isn’t sure yet, she hasn’t found a place she loves above all other things, a place where she’d always want to spend time and that would never grow boring to her. So, she’s still in search of a place in the world that feels like home and where she’d always be happy being.

FIRST HOME Padme has only ever lived in the same house, so his first home is his only home. The house is a rather fair sized place, with three bedrooms, a living room, two bathrooms, a kitchen and garden. Its all on one floor with his bedroom in the furthest part of the house. Currently she shares this room with her brother Vader, though given that he’s gone to school she has the space largely to herself., The youngest sister currently needs a little more space. Despite that, the room is exceedingly spacious, and since she and Vader had always been good friends. The house itself is a good house, Padme loves her home, it has everything he could need and shes able to play outside at any given moment. Its a short distance from her school and from a local park he can go to with her siblings or some of her school friends.

Padme has come to conclusion this year that she is most likely straight, she definitely feels a little attraction to some girls, but it's not a deep attraction like that towards boys and though kissing girls is nice she finds kissing boys much nicer.



Ilija Olaf


Padme in her third year dated Ilija Olaf. it ended during the valentines ball of that year.

Too young

Too young

No turning back ,
Ain’t no regrets

Padme has long dirty blonde hair, closer to a shade of brown than of blonde, it is naturally wavy. She has always let her hair grow out long. Her mother always liked doing it up in different styles and so it tended to be kept very long. Padme has always enjoyed the length of her hair, she always enjoyed all the parts of her hair, though tending to it when it’s at it’s longest length is difficult for her. She has to spend a lot of time drying it, and putting it up. Padme’s hair takes from a mixture of both her parents, blending the blonde of her mother and brunette of her father, she takes more from her father than either of her siblings do, but this wasn’t something she’s ever minded. Padme really likes her hair the way it is. It’s long, it’s always very soft and as her father would describe it, fluffy. It always feels nice to run her fingers through and seeing it done up in different ways from the work she put in is always satisfying.

Padme would never dye her hair. It’s not something that would ever cross her mind as something to do. She’s always enjoy her hair and so it wouldn’t be something she’d like to do. She’d maybe colour a little bit of her hair, enough to see what it was like, but she’d be too afraid of losing the original colour that she’d never dye her hair. Padme loves her hair, and knows that it looks nice already so she wouldn’t want to change it.

Padme has light brown eyes, a trait that she gets from her mother and shares with her. It’s a softer and more muted colour than her brother’s green eyes but they are eyes that she liked and finds fit her. She doesn’t believe that anyone should dislike their eyes or change them, its only of the very few completely or nearly unchangeable things about a person. Padme knows that her eyes suit her face and give it more of a warmth, it’s something that’s been noted to her. She has a softer gaze and padme has found that people do feel more comfortable around her. She’s never had that many friends, but she’s spoken with enough people to gather that about them.

Padme has a few freckles dotted around her face, a lot of them are faded and only really appear when she’s been in the sun for a long while. She has a small scar above her left eyebrow, it has faded quite a bit, but if someone were to look long enough they would see it. She has a few other freckles in places but these are less obvious and visible than the already faint few. She has a couple of smaller minor scars about her body too from just being active while growing up. Nothing that will likely fade in the years to come.

Padme is around the average size for her age group and height. She plays a lot of sports and has always been very interested in sports. In muggle school she was in several dance classes as well as sports classes like football and tennis. She’s always been very sporty and always enjoyed spending time running around and doing different things. Her body does reflect this, she’s still young at this point but she has built up over the years a body which has suited her to be good at sports and reflects that she is too.

AB (+ve)
Much like when Vader received his hogwarts letter, when padme got hers they went through the same process of figuring out her blood type in the muggle world so that she could carry on that information to her school. She was pretty happy that she shared the same blood type as her brother and the nurses took the time to inform her family that it was more than exceedingly likely that her sister did also share that blood type. Padme likes the idea of sharing the same type of blood as her family, both the magical and the muggle. Padme has no idea if it’ll be necessarily something she needs to know for the magical part of her life but she’s happy to have the information.

Right Handed
Padme has always written with her right hand, she’s never bothered to check if it was possible for her to write with the other, because she didn’t need to. Padme is curious about things but only when she needs to be. There are certain things like being right handed that padme doesn’t think are necessary. She doesn’t know how well she’ll write with a quill but she’s willing to try.

Padme speaks with a Kiwi accent having been born and raised in New Zealand.

Padme attended a muggle primary school in New Zealand, and through that can speak a little German, but that is all that he can speak aside from english. Padme was relatively okay at german but she wouldn’t take it forward and is glad to leave it behind.

None, Padme is not allergic to anything.

Padme has a very casual style. It can be most easily described as whatever is closest and warmest. She’s never been too bothered about looking fashionable because her mother bought all of her clothes and they tended to be bought at good muggle stores, thus meaning that Padme never really had to put much effort in. She grabs whatever is there, and puts it together into an outfit. She likes wearing jeans and jumpers. She’s not a big fan of dresses or skirts but will still happily wear them if that’s what she grabs out of her clothes cupboard.

Lisa Teige

In this lifetime ,
To chase the fire we long ,

There are a number of things which Padme has grown to really like, she likes sci-fi novels despite her aversions to films of the sort and the fact she’s named after a character in such a series - a series she deeply dislikes. She likes sports like tennis, football and cycling. She’s always been quite active and despite being quite quiet in school can be surprisingly energetic when the occasion calls for her to be. She likes reading and writing, and she likes the process of coming up with a story, of building a world, of learning how something functions so that she can write about it. She likes reading all sorts of books and picks things up quite quickly, so never has to read that much about a subject before she picks it up. She likes learning new things but doesn’t always continue with them. She liked trying things to see if she’d like it but if she doesn’t she won’t continue with it. She likes having friends and hanging out with people who are friendly, but she doesn’t have very many friends and mostly likes hanging out with her brother and her sister. Padme loves her family, and specifically her siblings.

Padme has had some pretty bad experiences with people, she doesn’t like most people who are a bit full of themselves or seem outwardly like bullies. She takes a long time to warm up to people and to become friendly with them. She doesn’t like bullies and is very tentative around people that she hasn’t known for very long. Padme has always struggled to make friends, having a very jaded view of people because of how she saw them treat her brother and then later her. She doesn’t like name calling and doesn’t enjoy violence. She’ll shy away from most violence either in sports or just in general. She doesn’t like watching violent films but can deal with it in books. She’ll shy away from learning any type of defense or self defense. This is a particular annoyance in sports and football when she refuses to tackle people. She’ll go out of her way to avoid harming both people and animals. Padme doesn’t like working too hard for nothing and she’s not a particularly big fan of losing when it comes to sports.

Padme has had a few goals since learning she was magical, there had never been many on her mind before since she didn’t know what she wanted to do, and though she still doesn’t know what she wants to do, she very much likes the idea of magic and likes looking at the pictures that her brother has taken where they move and show magic. Padme wants to be a great and powerful witch, she wants to learn everything, she wants to learn how to improve things for people, she wants to be able to create new things out of nothing, she wants to create light and just help make the world better.

Padme has always feared losing her siblings. Though she has never felt any sort of loss, the close relationship she has with her siblings is very important to her. As the middle child, she’s always felt a protective streak towards both of them, and the need to be the balancing force in her family. She loves them both so much she fears so deeply their loss that Padme would do anything to prevent that from happening.

A spider of some kind.

Padme loved the day she got her letter. Getting the letter for Hogwarts was a pretty amazing day. Though they’d all figured it was coming, actually having it in her hands was perfect, she had seen the changes in her brother when he came home from the school and she very much wants that too. She can’t wait to experience such a thing. She is looking forward to learning every single piece of magic of getting her wand, of seeing people fly, or the magical creatures that do exist. It brings her happiness at the mere thought of the door it opens to her.

Returning to school once her brother had left for hogwarts was pretty hard, she was bullied pretty badly that day, seemingly taking the place of her brother for most of the students who seemed pretty annoyed that he had left. She missed her brother, and had a really poor day on top of it. She didn’t get much time to herself during the breaks, constantly surrounded and shoved to the ground. SHe had always been picked on a little by the others in her school but it had never been as bad as it had been that day. Padme got home in tears and didn’t want to go back to that school ever again, only eventually returning after much persuading from her parents.

Padme would admit that she resents her parents for the names they gave to her and her siblings. It’s just such a selfish move, they’d only been thinking about their interests and not the fact that she and her siblings would have to live with the names every day. Not thinking that people would make fun of them for the names. She just thinks they were selfish and short sighted.

She’d just see all of her siblings together at hogwarts and she’d be getting an award for her magic, something that spoke of how good she was, that spoke of everything that she’d managed in her magic so far. Padme wants to learn everything she can about the magical world, to pick it up as she had things in the muggle world.

The only smell that she would smell is that of parchment, though a bland smell, it’s the smell which she connects with her future as a magical person. She’s seen the stacks of it in the room she shares with her brother and the smell of it whenever he does a piece of work for school over the breaks. She loved the smell of it and is so excited at the prospect of owning some of her own.

Padme has always looked up to her father, though they’ve had a tricky time of it lately and she’s learned a whole number of new things because of him. She respects him a lot as a family man, a professional and a writer. She’s spent a lot of time reading his work that she understands wholy why despite never publishing that he does it so much. She liked that despite age, and the stresses of a family, he finds the time to do something for him. Something that is still very vital for him to be doing. She likes that he manages everything in life with ease and even after finding out about their children were magical really took it in their stride.

Padme’s family are non-religious. His parents were both Christians, but they stopped practicing when they both grew into adulthood, because of his grandparents however, Padme has been to church on christmas and on easter, they go infrequently and Padme gets bored every time that they go. She doesn’t like it much at all, and she doesn’t believe any of it, though now with magic and the fact he knows that ghosts exist shes rethinking at least some of it.


Terminally curious and sometimes even mischievous, Geminis are multi-faceted souls who enjoy knowing a little bit of everything but generally not too much about one particular subject. It’s just that variety is the spice of their lives! And no one is better at multi-tasking than the quixotic Gemini. Geminis have also gained the reputation of being the incessant talkers of the zodiac. Those Twins that don’t have the ‘gift of the gab’ are usually talented writers or have a special interest in foreign languages. In love, they look for a partner who can keep up with them mentally and physically! And, to quote Oscar Wilde, “there’s one thing worse than people talking about you, that’s people not talking about you.” Whether Geminis like it or not, people are usually “talking about them”. Together with Scorpio and Virgos, they are a sign that is often discussed, dissected and sometimes even put down by the other signs of the zodiac. Sometimes this is a subtle form of jealousy by others, because Geminis do lead very unique and unusual lives. The Gemini personality can appear mysterious or detached to others and therefore they are often misunderstood and unappreciated for the talents they offer to the world at large. Another reason Geminis evoke so much interest is many born under this sign are multi-dimensionally talented. In money matters, some Geminis are very adept and quick at making it…and spending it too. Many Geminis are involved in international financial wheeling and dealing. They love the adventure and game playing involved in out-thinking other people.

Padme is a quiet and good natured person. She is not immediately trusting of people she doesn’t know and is wary of people who are too loud or excitable. She’s had some pretty poor experiences with people and thus finds it easier to not actively make any friends. She’ll watch and observe situations, remaining quiet and opting to not say anything. She’s never had a real true friend, but she would be relatively loyal to them. When Padme is comfortable around people she’s inquisitive and interested, she’ll listen to whatever they have to say and support them a lot. She’s kind and helpful when she likes and trusts people. She’ll work hard in school, but is very naturally intelligent. She achieves passing grades but always understands more than what she gives out. Padme is very quiet, she’ll tend to not engage in conversation really unless the other person does most of the talking and unless she feels very comfortable around the person she won’t initiate any conversation. She’ll read a lot and enjoys reading to learn how things work. She hates all violence, cannot stand to learn it, doesn’t enjoy seeing it and will immediately stop being friends with people who are violent.



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Padme Hume

observant & distrustful ; Mākutu Dinette Waitress
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Alder Wand 13 3/4" Essence of Dragon Heartstring
5/2037 (15)
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King Edward Primary School - It was a rather large school in the suburb of Wellington that he lived in. It catered to a large area, and was probably surprising big for where it was. For a primary school it had a lot of options for kids too, and a connected secondary school across the road, which most of the kids would eventually go into.

Padme started at the school when she was young about five years old and has attended until she turned 11 and was then sent to a magical school. She had a slightly more positive experience of the school. She wasn’t disappointed to leave, but there were a few friends that she would miss from the place.

None, there were houses in the upper school but none in the lower school. they were named after maori animals, and she was actually quite keen for that aspect of the upper school, though she got the better deal with going to magical school and having houses there too.

Having gone to school with her brother, her first thoughts about the school were rather negative. She saw immediately upon arriving the problems her brother was having, the way older kids and younger kids were picking on him when he walked in, nothing worse than a few names being called or a little shove, but she wasn’t too keen to go to a school like that. Overall, her first day passed without incident, she didn’t really make any friends during this day, and would continue to have problems making friends as the years went on, but her first thoughts about the school were rather negative.

Padme had relatively good grades, she was able to pick things up with relative ease, she would never get the best grades in the class but always did well enough and never really had any trouble picking things up. Most of her teachers said she was quite naturally intelligent, had a brain for figuring things out and being able to do all sorts of tasks, there wasn’t a subject that she could eventually pick up while in muggle school, so her grades were always exceedingly well rounded and she never really struggled or had to work particularly hard. She was a studious worker and did all of her homework but she never had to put too much effort in.

Padme always liked her creative writing class, it was something they didn’t do until much later in her school years but it was a choice class they could take later that would’ve led into other classes at secondary school. She had liked the way stories could build and end, she like using her words to say something without saying it and she liked reading about various subjects to then be able to write about them better. She’s always enjoyed learning the new things outside of what they were teaching and using that in her stories. She likes figuring out how things build together into a bigger picture.

Despite being really good at sports, Padme always hated class sports. She liked the extra stuff she did outside of school, but she didn’t like when they had to do it in school. To her it felt too forced, too many people weren’t interested in it, and they would spend the time messing around or making fun of padme and others who were actually trying in the classes. She always ended up having to do far more work because she’d pick up the slack for others and the teacher would always pick on Padme or someone else to do demonstrations or to run more laps. As the years went on, Padme really grew to resent the class and the teacher that went along with it.

While, she knew that her brother had skipped class, Padme was far less inclined to do that, she had a few friends while in school, and thus having a few not close but friendly friends drew her a little more into the school and made her more inclined to stick around even if she did occasionally get bullied by others and spent most of her time sitting alone bored in class, especially in the time following her brother’s departure to the magical school and the confirmation that she too was magical. She just thought it would be better to stick around in school than to be wandering around, hoping to not get caught by a teacher or by another adult that would force her back to school. The hadn’t ever tended to with her brother, but since her brother had gotten away with far more in school because the teachers knew how the other students were treating him they let it slide.

Padme took part in a lot of clubs, she was part of the after school creative writing class, she was involved in the web coding club, where they would get projects to challenge and improving their coding ability. She was also a part of the tennis and football clubs after school and during the summer months was involved in a cycling club which aimed to take kids out of the areas that they lived and involved them in seeing the country while cycling. She was active and involved in all of these clubs and it was where she made most of the few friends she had. They didn’t tend to interact during school time often but it did made the clubs more enjoyable for her and half the reason why she then would attend.

Padme because of her age did not receive any positions of authority, in none of the clubs where she could’ve or wider. She is happier without having them since in her latter years of school she cared a lot less about school and seeing things through.

To see the lights turn on ,
During the time of dawn ,

Alder Wand 13 3/4" Essence of Dragon Heartstring

Courage, Charm, Leadership, Spirituality and Protective are all qualities of this wand, Alder is the Celtic wood of astrology, so is good for spells involving star gazing and astronomy. It is good for those that don't find great pleasure in physical or attacking spells, but those that protect themselves if need be.

Padme really liked her wand, she had been taking the time to learn what each wand was before using it so she was quite happy when the wand she got had a lot of really good traits. She was a little surprised that. it had an affinity for astrology, since that really hadn't been what she'd expected of it, but it was a good wand to her. She like the length of it and liked that at the end it was a good defensive spell. She had never been much of a fighter and was always more keen to protect herself, so the wand being a good reflection of that. was something she really liked.

Hogwarts New Zealand

Padme had shown signs of magic by the time her brother had been accepted into Hogwarts, and given his photography she had. ended. up seeing pictures of it before she got to the school. She had been really eager to go as soon as she'd seen pictures of it because it looked so cool, and though she'd had signs of magic, it wasn't until she got her letter that she actually was happy allowed herself to really look at the pictures properly. She poured over them, asking questions whenever he would let her. She was in awe of the place when she then saw it, it was just like the pictures, but the feeling of it was not something that could be reproduced. It felt magical in every manner of the word.


Padme had been nervous about sorting, she knew her brother was in gryffindor but she knew that she wasn't particularly brave. She didn't try to be brave and she didn't really care much for it. She knew that she was quieter that she kept to herself and just kept her head down. Padme wasn't sure what that meant in terms of houses and she just didn't want it to take too long, or she knew it would be visible that she was odd. She was placed into hufflepuff and was exceedingly relieved of that sorting.

Padme Hume had been quietly excited for her Hogwarts schooling starting since it had been evident that she’d be going. Once Vader had gotten his letter, the weirdness that she could do too was explained. It gave her an out from her old school, and she could tell by the way her brother was acting that despite maybe a few problems, that Hogwarts was a perfectly good school. Padme of course felt a little nervous, as anyone would, the fact was that she had to make friends in amongst a group of people she didn’t know at all, and hope that she managed to make friends with someone who was kind, hopefully made friends with people who actually wanted to be her friend. Padme had existed somewhat in the shadow her brother had left in her old school, the frustration which had been directed at him had turned towards her in the latter years of her primary schooling. Padme was eager for the new opportunities that Hogwarts was going to give her. She knew that no one at this school bar her brother knew her, so much like she knew he had done, she would be able to shake the old life she’d had and Padme was more than eager to embrace everything that this school would give her. She was more than eager to learn the magic that the school would no doubt teach them. She was eager to make a few friends with people, even if she knew that she would probably find it quite hard, old habits are hard to break but Padme could only imagine that not everyone would be awful, in amongst the other people in her year group there had to be one nice person.

Padme was glancing about at the different people she was to be sorted with, her gaze found that of a boy she had been sure she’d run into. Jace or something. He’d been nice when they’d hung out that one time in the park. She hadn’t been too nice to him, but had just assumed that he was some muggle boy ready to be mean to her, or just ready to be mean in general. She hadn’t given a whole lot away about herself, but they’d both figured that the other person would be here, so she wasn’t too surprised to see him in amongst the to be sorted crowd. The girl was wrong then, she’d know two people at Hogwarts. Vader’s friend who had stayed over quite a lot didn’t really count, she knew her, but it wasn’t someone she thought would want to be her friend. After all, Padme didn’t just want to mimic what her brother had, that girl was his friend, she had to make her own. Hogwarts was a welcome opportunity to have things be different. To be better. The girl had known what to expect, having grilled her brother enough about it on the train to the place. She knew the hat would sing, and she let herself enjoy it. Focusing on that rather than the fact she was still very nervous about being sorted, she didn’t know where she wanted to end up, Gryffindor with her brother sounded like a good option, but she didn’t want to be in his shadow at the school, and she didn’t think she was very Gryffindor material. The others sounded fine, she thought she would manage just fine in any of them, so long as she could make at least one friend - not even in the same house - and get the opportunity to learn a few new things. The hat finished his song, and after a brief amount of applause the names started being called. She knew that a lot of these students wouldn’t know what her name was a reference to, it was maybe a little less obvious than her brother’s.

Hume, Padme

Her name sounded through the hall, she took a little breathe and stepped forward, forcing her way to the front and to the stool. She could feel her hands shaking a little, she had never been good at the centre of attention, and all eyes appeared to be on her. This was pretty horrible. She hoped it would be over soon, so she would just have the relief of being sorted, in a house and not the sole person that everyone was staring at. The hat placed on her head and she knew it would only be moments longer till she had her house.

fifth Year

Fourth year - Y36 S1

Fourth Year - Y36 S2




None yet

First Year
Potions - EHistory of Magic - EDADA - ECharms - E
Transfiguration - EAstronomy - EHerbology - EFlying - P

Second Year
Potions - EHistory of Magic - EDADA - ECharms - E
Transfiguration - EAstronomy - EHerbology - E

Third Year
Potions - EHistory of Magic - EDADA - ECharms - E
Transfiguration - EAstronomy - EHerbology - EMuggle Studies - E
Arithmancy - E

Fourth Year
Potions - EHistory of Magic - EDADA - ECharms - E
Transfiguration - EAstronomy - EHerbology - EMuggle Studies - E
Arithmancy - E
Too young

Padme really likes Defence against the dark arts, though she doesn't like the offensive spells, she really likes the theory of it, she likes learning about the different spells and learning how to defend herself. She doesn't enjoy the professor's teaching style but she also doesn't really hate it. She thinks it's harsh but she knows that it's a serious subject matter and that sometimes the other professors are difficult to get behind because they have too casual a teaching style.

Padme doesn't particularly like astronomy, though she doesn't mind looking at the night sky, she finds the work in astronomy difficult and she dislikes the theory they have to do. Sciences had been something she was good at at primary school, but doing it at Hogwarts is very clearly to her an entirely different thing, it just isn't what shes used to and she doesn't like that. She doesn't mind the professor, she finds Professor Harrington a good professor, she just. doesn't particularly like the subject matter.

To last the endless storm ,
And then to live

Padme has never had a dream job. She's never really thought about what. she wants to do once she graduates.


During the Christmas break in Padme's fourth year she randomly decided to apply for a job at the Dinette, which appeared to be hiring. She was quite pleased and surprised when she actually got the job. She hadn't been expecting it at all, but she loves it. it has helped fill her hours and she's able to learn new things. She knows she doesn't need to be doing it but she loves it anyway.









To see the sunlight ,
Persistence to prevail


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