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Violet Owens-Rosemary

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Blood Status
Mixed Blood
Relationship Status
Too Young to Care
Knotted 14 Inch Flexible Black Walnut Wand with Phoenix Tail Feather Core
Name: Violet Owens-Rosemary
Play-By: Melissa Benoist
Text on Banner: 'Violet Owens-Rosemary', or just 'Violet'. In cursive writing if able
Colour Scheme: Greens, blues, greys, just any cool colours/vibe. Keep it simple, not too crazy.
Image Options: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Additional Information: Something really simple and straight forward is fine. Maybe less pictures of her smiling if possible to give it more of a serious vibe, but if it looks better with a smiling picture, that's also fine. I'm also thinking maybe add some smoke/fog and make it a little mysterious??? I know I will love whatever you make anyway :wub:

Thank you in advance!
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