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Nicolas King

"I am the hero who eats the lesser man..."
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Curly Oak/Wenge 16" Essence of Feng-huang Tail Feather
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Badges on HNZ are awarded for a character's participation in a site-wide or school event.
This system is used to encourage users to roleplay in larger plots with other characters, and not just stick to their own character's linear story.
Every year at Hogwarts, a new style of badge will be awarded to the participants of various events (those who roleplay at the Yule Ball, etc.). Badges may also appear for other special reasons throughout the year. You can view your character's badges on the inventory page, as well as use that system to see what other characters have taken part in.

Below is a list of what badges have been awarded for what reasons, to date.

Badge ImageAwarded For
Participation in HNZ's 2026 Yule Ball​
First place, second place, and participation in HNZ's Y11 Wheelbarrow Race​
Participation (role-playing) in HNZ's Y12 Halloween Feast​
Participation (role-playing) in HNZ's Y12 Yule Ball​
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