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Horror knew this one as his last. The one that organized this mess. He approached Salem and had a red rose for her. "Saved the best for last, I guess."

@Salem Lee
With deliveries slowing down, Salem had taken a chance to grab some food at the house table, taking her flower crown off for the moment and pouring a huge glass of water. She was still chugging it when one of the deliverers approached her and she hurriedly tried to swallow and smile at the same time, thankfully managing to not get water everywhere. "Hi! Oh cool, thanks. I knew there had to be some for me in there somewhere," she said sheepishly, wiping her mouth off.
Horror wondered if Salem knew how that sounded. Regardless, he took out a red rose and a note, and held it out to her. "Well, it would suck if the organizer received nothing in return." Horror shrugged his shoulders since this was not something he would be doing again.

Saleeeem, I'm going to miss you! <3 Don't forget me! ~Jordie
"I mean technically I helped grow them so I could get myself as many as I wanted, but this is more fun," Salem said happily.

She could barely keep straight all the roses, any for her long forgotten after sorting through so many, so it was a pleasant surprise when she saw the rose was a red one, grinning as she red the note from Jordie, snorting. "As if I'd forget him," she said to herself with a shake of her head. "Thanks! Red ones are the fun ones to hand out, right?"
Horror wondered how in the world could someone be so happy over flowers and such. The thought was laughable, but he kept a straight face. Some people were just weird. "I'm sort of neutral. Only doing this because I lost a bet. I have no real interest in this sort of thing. But I'm 12. That might change when puberty hits."
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"Oh well, glad to have you helping either way I guess," Salem said with a bemused shrug. A deliverer was a deliverer in the end, though Salem hoped he could have a bit of fun. "Maybe you should sending some red ones next time, never know if you might find it more fun then," she added innocently, her own stomach flipping for a moment when she remembered the pink rose she'd sent for Natalia this year.
Horror probably would have laughed if he didn't think it was absolutely ludicrous. But alas, she was just one of those giddy people, or something. "Probably not. Enjoy the plant, Salem." Horror gave her a small wave and headed toward the dungeons. He was so done with this.

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