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Irene Finch had specifically asked for the tables to be left in place for the exam. If the sixth years were going to be licensed, then they would need to possess the ability to work with their surroundings. Apparating across an empty room was convenient for beginners to practice, but the chances of apparating to a truly empty space were going to be slim to none in the real world. There'd be tree filled forests, garbage strewn alleys, and perhaps, when they were lucky, the occasional field or valley. This would be an especially important test for those students who were interested in careers in the Ministry as apparating was a requirement for many of the positions. It was an important skill, allowing independence of movement.

Irene arrived at the castle just in time to greet the students who were waiting just outside the Great Hall. The students were seated on the benches that had been provided to await their turn. "Good afternoon" she greeted, her icy blue eyes taking them in one by one. "In a moment, I'll begin calling you in alphabetically by your last name. Once I do, I'll ask you to apparate to a spot in the room. You will only get one shot. I will not pass you if even a hair, button, or shoelace remains where you once stood." Irene's gaze drifted by several students. Irene let them sit with that for a moment, wanting it to be clear because she hated the annoying begging for another chance that came when a student failed. She looked at their faces, wondering which ones she would be seeing in the courses that were provided by the Ministry throughout the year. Many people failed the exam on their first try, but the woman did nothing to reassure the students of this fact. It had been an interesting semester of lessons with this group, so she wasn't sure how successful they would be.

Stepping back into the room, where her clipboard was already charmed to take notes, Irene looked to be sure all was in order and then glanced at the list and called the first student forward. Once the student was inside, Irene shut the door tightly and began the exam.
Roleplay your character's attempt to apparate to a point in the room, you can godmod where Irene directed them. Don't forget that the Great Hall would look as it would on a regular day minus the students. :pYou will get an exam grade of A or T depending on whether you roleplay your character succeeding or failing. Extra credit will be given for the level of detail in your roleplay regardless of passing or failing. Feel free to godmod Irene if it is necessary to your roleplay. If you have any questions, message me. No replies will be accepted beyond Wednesday, the end of exam period!
Aurora was ready for the apparition exam, she was ignoring that she hadn’t really managed it a whole lot in the lead up to it, and just figured that she would get it. She had got it in the previous lessons, but in each of them it had taken her a while, and she was worried that there would be a time limit on it. Would the examiner declare that she’d failed if she didn’t manage it within like 10 minutes. She was nervous that she would fail because she’d be worried about taking to long and then never manage it. Aurora was waiting, standing alongside her sister, but given their names, Aurora was one of the first one to be called forward. Aurora glanced at her sister and gave a little smile before stepping into the great hall.

Aurora liked that it was back to how the room normally was, though would’ve absolutely liked to have the room how she’d known it in the lessons, but Aurora didn’t think it would change much about how she was attempting to do this. Apparate. She glanced at the examiner and then looked at the spot she was due to go to. It wasn’t even that far from where she was. She could probably walk over to it rather easily. But Aurora knew that wasn’t really the point. She focused and centred herself as much as she could, trying her best to just keep her mind focused on where she needed to go. Letting herself remember all she had learnt from the previous lessons, and though it still took a bit more time than others could do - it didn’t take as long as it had for her in the classes. She was at the stop with a crack and she was relieved to have actually managed it, and knew that she’d just get better at it with time.
Rosie was eager to have this be over with. She wanted to not have to worry about whether she and Xinyi would be able to see each other over the period. She didn’t want to have to worry about having to retake this, when she knew she was capable of doing it at that point. She just had to pass the exam. Rosie hadn’t struggled with apparition in the classes and doubted she would now, but there was a part of her which worried a little bit that she would fail. That things would then be more difficult with Xinyi and she’d feel like a failure. Rosie was waiting, her sister had just gone in and she knew she’d be next.

When it was her turn, she gave a thumbs up to Aurora and then walked into the great hall. She wanted to be in and out, to be done with it and not have to worry or think about it again. At least not think about having to do another exam on it. Rosie smoothed down her school skirt as the examiner told her where she was to go. Rosie focused her attention on that, going through the motions as she always did with her practices. She felt the tug quickly, and barely even thought about it as she was dragged across the room by some magic pull and appeared where she needed to be. Rosie was pleased with herself, glad that at least this came easy to her and knowing how much easier this was going to make her life.
Monday Weeks looked forward and dreaded today from the moment it was marked on his calendar. They were going to be apparating today, and it was the make it or break it exam. He knew the three Ds that he needed to remember for the exam. He needed it. That was the only way he was going to succeed today. He walked in the Great Hall, and noticed how there were tables still there. The Great Hall looked like it always had. All the tables were there. The only thing missing were the students that would be eating and chatting away. Great, there were obstacles. He wished that there was an empty room. It would have felt more relaxed. But this was more related to the real world.

The real world was not an empty room. Monday should respect it. Irene Finch gave them the directions, and he was glad that he would be among the last ones because of his last name. Monday waited to see how everyone else did, and then, it was his time. He was given a spot, and he stared at it for a moment. Okay, he could do this. Not a hair. Not a bit of clothes. Nothing left behind. He got ready, and envisioned himself moving. He felt himself move, and breathed out when he opened his eyes to see that he actually apparated to the right spot. He managed to do it, and he did it on the first try. Monday could finally put this all behind him. He was just so done with apparition.
Truthfully, Aine was not quite sure how she'd made it to the Great Hall. Calling this nerves felt almost like it was underselling it. Her head throbbed, but she could only really feel an overall numbness. When the adrenaline wore off, Aine knew she'd probably be sick, or hit the ground, but for the moment she couldn't really think clearly. That was possibly a blessing, though Aine couldn't find the brainpower to analyse that.

This exam was different. Sure, she'd been nervous for exams before, especially her OWLs, especially the practical portion of OWLs, but nothing like this. If she failed, she could cause herself severe injury, or at the very least injure her pride. Aine had pondered how awful it would feel to be grabbing a bite to eat only to witness a splinching, let alone how awful it would feel to be the person splinched.

And yet, despite all that, Aine was here in some sort of zen state within heightened anxiety and adrenaline. She couldn't overthink, all she could do was go on her instincts. It probably helped that the adrenaline had numbed her so much that she didn't fight back against the pulling sensation. She stared blankly at the spot, and if one were to ask her what happened next, Aine wouldn't have been able to tell you. The practice had become muscle memory etched underneath her overthinking, so one moment she was looking at the spot and the next minute she was right on it. Exactly where she needed to be, no injuries or mistakes. Aine paused for a few moments, blinking, before sighing and laughing in relief, walking away on shaking legs. She had no idea how she was expected to actually pull it off in her day to day life, but somehow she'd pulled it off today.
This was it - this was the day. A nerve-wracking one for sure, even though Demetrius had managed apparition before but the pressure was on this time and he could feel it. He entered the great hall with the other students, immediately noticing that the tables hadn't been cleared away this time. Demetrius fidgeted with his fingers. The slight change made him less confident, more nervous. He listened to the teacher, and she gave no reassurances, if anything she added to Demetrius' overall state. But he somehow, in the back of his mind, believed he could do this.

He had to wait a while, his surname being at the end of the alphabet. Demetrius watched others succeed, and with each success believed he could do it slightly more. When it was his turn, he did his best to remember the three Ds and concentrated hard. In a split-second, he'd apparated - and right where he needed to be with no fuss and no harm. He double-checked his robes for missing buttons and his shoes for shoelaces, and it was all there. Demetrius beamed. He'd done it. He walked back out the hall with a slight pep in his step and a small arrogant smile that was unusual for him, and slightly unbecoming. But he felt good, and the stress had evaporated, leaving a sense of satisfaction and an edge of tiredness.
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