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Astraea adorned her customary dark attire before navigating her way through the Common Room. It was rather gross to witness the multitude of students dressing up and adorning themselves with sparkles, all in anticipation of the somewhat nauseating Valentines Dance. She found solace in the prospect of being away from the castle for the evening, escaping the giggling, gossip, and the so-called "romantic" atmosphere.
Although she had made plans with Horror to explore the Forbidden Forest in the evening, they had not specified a particular time. Astraea had no desire to stay in the Common Room or her Dorm, enduring the incessant chatter of her rather uninteresting roommates. So, she proceeded past the Great Hall without sparing it a single glance, and quietly departed through the door, heading straight for the Forest. Astraea was disappointed in herself for not fully venturing into the depths of the Forest. However, she was more than glad to spend the evening with Horror'. Upon reaching the edge of the trees and failing to spot Horror, Astraea reclined, enjoying the sight of the stars above.
Horror Zhefarovich hated February. Valentine’s day was such a nuisance and he would never understand such a detestable holiday. Horror thought about keeping in the Great Hall to see the decorations but he honestly did not want to throw up. He somehow managed to avoid even peeking in the direction of the dance as he walked toward the exit of the castle. He could see Astraea Vale in the distance. So, she left before him. That made sense. He shoved his hands in the pockets of his pants as he followed after his friend. Or whatever she was to him. He was sort of possessive over her but he never let it show. He even warned Terror to stay away from her on one occasion. Otherwise, he would destroy Terror’s friend, Anais Love. It was a good exchange. An equivalent exchange. Horror walked out onto the grounds, and eventually in the forest, just along the edge. He could see Astraea looking up at the stars. It was a sight that he was used to seeing. “The sky looks a lot better than the Great Hall, I assume.”
Astraea quickly sat up upon hearing a voice, but immediately relaxed when she recognized it as Horror's. It was an unintentional relaxation, but one she was bound to realize in the future; the feeling of comfort and ease with her friend whenever he was around. Looking back up at the stars, Astraea inclined her head slightly in agreement. "The sky looks a lot better than a lot of things. And a lot of things look better than the Great Hall, currently." Astraea replied plainly before rising to her feet and looking at the Forest. "Have you explored the Forest before?" She asked, turning her attention back to Horror.
It was not hard to notice her demeanor change just from being around him. Horror did not have a lot of people relax around him, but Astraea. It was likely due to the type of person he was. Horror was not someone that was a socialable friend at all. He just did his work and he was done. "You must truly hate Valentine's Day. Never change." Horror would hate to have to ask her to the dance in the future. It was not his style. Horror also did not want to show off his dance moves. It would just prove how old school his family was. "I have a few times. I don't go too far in because I do not know enough magic to protect myself. And you?" Horror sat down next to her, but kept a respectable distance.
Astraea almost smiled when Horror told her to never change. It was rather unexpected for her to discover a companion in someone who shared so many similarities with herself; in fact, the idea of finding a friend was entirely unforeseen for the Slytherin. "People use Valentines Day as an opportunity to put their affections on public display. They do not realize that they are celebrating two men named Valentine, who were executed." Astraea replied, nonchalantly. She watched as Horror sat down where she was just sitting, pausing briefly before responding to his question. "No. And I am quite displeased about it. Why have you sat down?"
Horror would have smiled if he did not have control over his facial features and emotions, but in his mind, he was, because of Astraea's knowledge. "That is a more romantic way to celebrate Valentine's day. What is love without a little beheading?" Horror would have loved to celebrate it that way, but getting hold of a strong axe or a guillotine might be hard for a couple of teenagers. Horror would not even know who would be worth the effort of putting their head in a basket. "If it displeases you, then you should come with me more often to explore." Horror smirked subtly as he stared up at her. "I walked all the way here from the dungeons. I needed a moment's rest."
A sensation that Astraea was not quite familiar with emerged as her lips gently curled upwards, forming a slight smile. It had been quite some time since Astraea had last smiled. Such an expression was usually reserved for occasions when her brothers injured themselves or, even better, when their misfortune resulted from one of her pranks. Despite her efforts to swiftly dismiss the smile, Astraea found herself unable to suppress the lingering feeling, hearing that Horror shared her unconventional view of romance. "Perhaps you should offer your company more often," she retorted, finally able to ease her face back into a more neutral position. "Well, you've had a moment. More than a moment by now. Stand up and show me where to go."

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