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Hey everyone,

We will be using this thread to highlight when areas open/close, events as they are happening, etc. outside of BWU time.

So here's the first announcement:

Semester two begins tomorrow! First and second years should automatically be enrolled in their courses. Third years and above, don't forget to sign up for your lessons!! Also, make any purchases you need to as the holiday forums will be closing soon-ish.
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The Valentine's Dance is now open!
The Valentine's Day Dance will close tomorrow, get those replies in before the area closes.
Brightstone Weekend is now open!
Graduation will close tomorrow! All HNZ graduates will be changed to the magical group so make sure you wrap up any threads now.
Folks, we have now moved into semester 1, this will give you time to sign up to classes and identify any missing shop items you have before the holiday areas close.

Those with 3rd years and above must sign up to their classes.
All apps have been reopened!
Brightstone Weekend is now live!
Halloween will close tomorrow morning (Thursday Morning GMT)! Finish those threads before its too late!
Yuleball will close tomorrow!
Folks! We have now moved to semester two (which begins on Monday), you can now sign up to classes with thirds years and up.
Valentines day feast will close tomorrow morning (GMT)
Brightstone weekend is now go! The area is open for students to visit!
Halloween is now open! 👻
Holiday areas are now open!
Yuleball will close first thing tomorrow (GMT).
You can now sign up for S2 classes!
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