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Cassius Styx

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Cassius Styx was in the lounge, enjoying his time before the classes began. He needed a minute or two to chill before he would ultimately end up getting aggravated because his dorm mates would annoy him with their petty holiday games and chats. He spent all of his training and getting stronger because he aspired to be very strong. That was the type of person he was. Cass wanted to be the strongest in the family one day, though he started to wonder if that meant magical or physical. He was not sure which one, but as long as it is one. Cass laid down on the couch in the lounge, knowing that he was being rude by doing so, but he did not care. He was comfortable, and he was not going to move. The Slytherin second year was sure that things might go downhill if someone were to try to get him to move. That was actually possible.
Chris was quite sure that the student lounge probably was the worst place to be at in the morning but he was quite hoping to see his twin before the classes. He needed some comfort just to not hit someone because they were annoying. He honestly so disliked all the people there, they were loud, annoying, useless and dumb. All the things combined that he couldn't stand. Including the guy that decided that he owned the whole couch and everyone else should stand. "Move, you're not the only here," he said in an extremely annoyed voice while standing above him, waiting for him to at least move his legs.
Cass had only closed his eyes for a moment, or maybe ten, but soon enough, there was an extremely annoyed voice that said to move. He opened one of his eyes and saw that the owner was younger. A first year. Really? Telling an older student to move? He might only be a second year, but he already knew loads of magic ahead of them. "Seriously? Telling someone older to you to move? How stupid of you." Cass didn't, however, but instead, he reached into his robes and pulled out his wand and aimed it at him. "Allow me to educate you. I'm older. I come from a pure-blood background. I know a lot more than you do. The most you could do is cast Lumos and hope I'm a Devil's Snare and recoil away. I can hex you into next week. Don't pick fights you can't win." Cass didn't lower his wand because he was proving a point.
And Chris honestly didn't care how stupid it was, he just wanted to sit down. And when the boy took out his wand and started to go on about how he was an older pure-blood and better than him, and something hit him. "Don't tell me you're a Styx... God, how lucky I am," Chris sarcastically said, rolled his eyes, just moving boy's wand with one finger to the side. "And I really don't care bro, just move," Chris just wanted to sit, he had no interest in picking a fight, at least not yet. But if the guy didn't move then he may get more angry.
Cass smirked cockily when the boy asked if he was Styx, but he was being so sarcastic that he might let it slide. But he even dared to touch his wand, which he just moved it back away from the younger students hand. "Okay, have a seat then." Cass verbally cast the trip jinx at the first to force the first year onto the floor since he wanted a seat so damn bad, he could sit on the floor because he was not moving. "I can do so much more if you touch my wand again. Or instead of picking a fight with me, go find someone else that is weak if you want to pick on someone so bad." Cass knew a couple of them off hand.
Chris just growled a little as his butt hit the floor and he looked up. The guy even started to teach him how to pick on someone. "Bro, I just asked you to move. What is your problem? You don't have to jinx people each time that they ask something," he annoyedly stood back up. "Oh, I guess you know already know someone who to bully, don't you? Got quite a handful of them?" He sarcastically talked, Chris could bully someone but now he just really wanted to sit down. He hated that the guy thought he could be better than anyone else just because he was a pure-blood. Chris came from a long magical family too, his kids could be pure-bloods but here he was, not making a big deal out of his blood status.
Even Cass could not resist a chuckle when the boy landed on his rear end from the spell, delighted that it connected. He smirked even more when he was being lectured. "I do when they are rude. Consider this a warning. Ask nicely next time, and I might consider it." Cass put his wand away and moved so that he could sit up. He stretched his arms up toward the ceiling, and gave him a look when he brought up the word bullying. He didn't quite consider himself that (despite the fact that was obviously what he was doing to some of the people he crossed paths with). Cass thought it over, and recalled how many enemies he made during his first year. More than friends. "Now, I wouldn't say I bully people. That is a matter of perspective. People that cross my path and piss me off often get the brute force of their consequences. But the main one that irks me the most would be Gregory Friend." Cass tried to count how many times he had bludgered that boy in the face, but by now, it was too many times to count. "Now, I told him I wouldn't mess with him unless he did something to me first, but if you did it... My hands are clean. He's an easy victim. You can punch him in the gut and he will apologize."

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