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June was all settled back at Hogwarts. The lessons had started again and June was all on schedule, she even had some time left. An next goal on her list was something she could achieve next year. An shiny badge, which would make her prefect. June was kind of confident about her chances, she didn't believed there was anyone else as good as an choice as she was. June was the perfect student, she didn't done anything wrong and had participated in clubs and June was very certain her head of house had seen her won an trophy with the highest housepoints for Slytherin and the most of everyone last year. She hadn't spoken to him so much, because he teached the older years. Next year she would finally have him for Herbology instead of Landon, which was an big difference and progress if you would ask June. Perhaps she would even start to like Herbology than.

The blonde was an very good observing person and good with details. And she had watched Professor Castillo and found out what his favorite coffee was. And now had an thing to offer which he liked , one for her and one for her head of house. Perhaps she had been very demanding to an house elf, but she didn't care. She got it after all. And with that coffee like it was the thing she needed to protect with her life she walked towards the greenhouses to find Professor Castillo in his office. She had given some students an angry look when they almost bumped into her. But she made it. She noticed the door was open and thankfully he was inside and no one else was. June wanted to invest in the relationship with her head of house, and wanted to make sure he got to know her better too and perhaps to get some attention, he must be happy with the work she put into Slytherin winning the house cup again. She put on the biggest smile and cleared her throat. '' Hello, Professor Castillo.'' The blonde than said friendly. And made sure he could watch the coffee she brought. '' I've brought an present. Do you have some time for me?'' June than added towards it and gave him an bright smile.
Angel was leaning back in his office chair, brainstorming ideas on how to make screechsnaps more interesting for his sixth years and hopefully less of a headache for himself. Only years the years of living with a pair of young girls with little regard for privacy or knocking saved Angel from flinching dramatically when June cleared her throat, managing to limit his started reaction to simply straightening up in his chair. "Ah, June, hi, hello, come on in I always have time for Slytherins. Gryffindors maybe less so but don't tell them," he told her with a wink, dropping his legs onto the floor from where they'd been swung up onto his desk and turning to greet her with a smile, one which increased in sincerity when he spied the coffee in her hands. "Anything on your mind I can help you with today?" He said, hopeful this was a friendly visit and he wasn't about to have to get up and disentangle a fight in the common room or something.
As June stood there with the coffee and was welcomed in. She grinned about the comment her head of house made. It was exactly why she liked the man. '' I wouldn't dare.'' The blonde replied back with an smile and walked inside further. It wasn't exactly the nicest place she would like to be in, close to the greenhouse. Perhaps Landon was even around here. But she focused on her goal for today. As she had expected the professor asked where he could help her with. June had prepared some, she could talk really well so that wasn't an problem. June sometimes even prefered to talk to adults more than people of her own age. They were more interesting to talk to and more on her level she felt. But she wasn't gonna be too direct, but wanted to see where she stood. '' Well I've brought some coffee for you, figured as hardworking Head of House, who makes sure Slytherin wins the house cup year after year, you deserve an thank you present.'' June said confidently with an sugar sweet smile. She knew very sure that it was the students who did it, but with the right leader obviously. '' I mean with the right captain on a ship, we go into the right direction. And so is Slytherin.'' She put down the Americano and took an sip of the other to see how it tasted. '' And I wanted to ask you something.'' June than quickly added.
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Angel sat up as June entered the room, laughing as she explained her reasons for the coffee, taking it with a fond smile. "Now I can't pick favourites as the head of house obviously, but if I could I dare say students who bring me coffee are up there," Angel joked, taking a sip and making a surprised hum of appreciation that June had managed to get his order down right. "Perfect, thank you, June. Please feel free to make yourself comfortable," he said, waving a hand to the over-stuffed chaise lounge near his desk for her, tilting his head when she mentioned she had a question. He'd been ostensibly working on some marking for his Sixth years but he had no qualms putting that aside for June, especially when she was such a devoted student. And the flattery never hurt either. "Of course, shoot," he said easily, leaning back into his chair with his coffee cup cradled in his hands.
June was glad that Professor Castillo seemed to like her present. '' And how many times did that happen before?'' June asked bluntly with an grin. She was glad this was turning out exactly what she wanted it to be. As he took an sip, the blonde knew she just had it right. And looked over to the place the professor told her to make herself comfertable. '' Thank you.'' June than said and walked over to the spot she could sit down at. Putting her bag beside her. It was just very nice to be surrounded by someone who in her mind thought alike. June prefered hanging out with people who weren't childish and knew what was important in life, like she did. So as they sat down the blonde watched her head of house. ''I'm gonna go to my fifth year next year, and ofcourse that seems like an very important year with the OWLS and certain opportunities. '' The blonde than stated with an sugar sweet smile. Obviously aiming at the prefect badge. '' I'm following every class Hogwarts has to offer, and I feel like I want to get all I can get out of this time here. What else is there to offer? Like extra stuff or abilities to learn? Or what would you advice me?'' June than asked the man. In a way she did know already some answers, and she was building up to something. But it was good to discuss this with her head of house, he should know her ambition. She than took an sip of the coffee for herself, and had to keep her face straight. She didn't even liked an Americano, but for this she faked she would.
Angel hummed non-committally, though he figured his smile probably gave away the answer to June's question in her favor.

Typically, Angel tended to dread these sort of chats with his students, grateful that most Slytherins were headstrong enough to know what they wanted out of school or life (or as it tended to be, their parents knew) and required little guidance from him. Though he'd gotten more comfortable over the years with it, the idea of someone like him dispensing life advice or career planning still bordered on laughable. June however, was fairly easy to read and Angel figured there was little he could do that would mess up her carefully cultivated plans.

"Well," he said after a moment, taking another sip of coffee, "Honestly, my advice would be to consider taking fewer classes," he said with a small laugh. "But if you're certain you're happy with the course load and are actually enjoying it, there's always clubs or maybe some sort of apprenticeship with one of the professors," he said with a shrug. "Being a part of a club always looks good and shows you know how to play nice with others," he said, raising a pointed eyebrow. "Or if there's a subject that particularly holds your interest, I'm sure a professor or staff member can help you get some extra learning in to get that leg up. Do you have any idea what you might want to pursue after school?" He said, watching June as she stoically sipped her own drink.
He at least seemed to enjoy the coffee, and June just took little sips of hers. But some caffeine was not bad with all the work she had to do for her studies. There were more people who told her to take less classes, and now so did her head of house. She listened to him and took it all in. '' If I take less classes, it will mean Slytherin misses a lot of housepoints. So.. we don't want Ravenclaw to win right?'' June said with an small grin. ''Could you imagine Professor Josephs with the trophy instead of you?'' June said joking an bit. She knew her head of house was ambitious himself and liked Slytherin to win again. '' But the work load is perfectly fine, it's going very smooth.'' She was not gonna give up any class so easily, not everything was that interesting but the house points made it very interesting. '' Mmm.. I already am part of SDA. And I helped an student with studying.'' She didn't even lied, she had helped Fraser once. June wanted him to know all that.

She smiled shortly. '' A lot has my interest. But it's good advice to speak to the professors for some extra learning.'' June than said and thought about his next question. '' Several options. But an high position at the Ministry interests me mostly.'' June said proudly.
'' So I was wondering. How much effect does it have for your future career, if you by example have worn an prefect badge at Hogwarts?'' June than said with an sugar sweet smile. Obviously aiming at the goal where she came for here. And she didn't even tried to hide it. He could know she would be interested.
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