Ajaccio Skey

Ajaccio Skey

"ajax" ; wanderlust; alt. chaser; accio! intern
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Ajaccio Haevin Skey

Ajaccio - Doesn’t really have a meaning, it’s the name of a town on the french island of corsica
Haevin - the name of a small town in Northern Finland
Skey - It means"sheltering", but also can mean the sky.

Ajaccio’s parents had met in the small costal town of Ajaccio in Corsica, they had spent a lot of time their over the summer. It had been Ajaccio’s father first expedition and the first year of his mother’s gap year. They spent six weeks completed enamoured with each other and married in the neighbouring town of Lumio after eight weeks of knowing each other. When his mother fell pregnant, they had debated over calling him Ajaccio or Lumio, which had worked in their favour when the pair had been born, with Ajaccio born first and Lumio after. Since their meeting had come before the marriage, it had made sense to both of his parents to call him Ajaccio and his younger brother Lumio. Ajaccio has never minded being named after a town, nor being named after the place where his parents met. To him it’s somewhat romantic and with the nickname of Ajax, people tend to ignore that his name is a little more peculiar. Ajaccio has also never spent that much time in any one location so he’s never really stuck around long enough to have people mind his name. The middle name of Haevin, is not a name his parents have ever explained to him but it’s after a small remote town that they had visited in northern Finland and had both just really enjoyed the name, so had given it to Ajaccio, they wanted his name to be from several places, to pass on the sense of adventure to him. The surname was a name which his parents had taken on when they got married, since they’d both loved the sky and just spelled it a little differently. Ajaccio has never minded his name, he enjoys the way people react to it, enjoys sometimes talking about it and finds it easy to enjoy when he has a good nickname that people can more easily default to.

Ajaccio’s nickname has always been Ajax, from a very young age that was how his father would more casually refer to him. It’ll be the first thing he tells most people after saying his own name, tell them that they can just call him Ajax. It’s an easier name for people to pronounce and raises less eyebrows that Ajaccio. There are some places where his name both versions that he goes with can be tricky to pronounce, and in those cases, he’ll suggest just AJ. It tends to be even similar for people to say and though he’s not a huge fan of the name, since he travels around a lot, to numerous different places there’s never been anyone whose long term called him AJ so he doesn’t mind it. Ajax is his preferred nickname, one he actually likes and one he will ask people to call him by more often than not. Ajaccio does really enjoy his name, but sometimes it’s just easier to have a nickname like Ajax.

He is currently thirteen years old. He’s always spent his birthdays in New Zealand, it’s always been a part of the agreement that his parents made when they split up, that they would spend birthdays and christmas in New Zealand with the wider family. He likes celebrating his birthday in New Zealand with his mother, his grandparents and his brother. They are staples in his otherwise rather chaotic life. They never do anything outside of the family, but sometimes Lumio has one or two friends round during the time. Ajaccio is a little jealous of his brother having actual real friends that he sees often, Ajax knows that these friends like him, they always find him interesting.

12th April 2038
Ajaccio was born at home surrounded by his family in New Zealand, they had come home specifically to New Zealand. Both parents wanted them to be born in New Zealand where his father’s family was and where they would be surrounded by family. Ajaccio was the first born of him and his brother, he was born a little after ten in the morning.

Ajaccio is just a student - though prior to hogwarts this was a loose term given that he hadn’t ever been at a school longer than two months. He likes school enough, but preferred home schooling because that was just easier for him to do, he didn’t have to sit in a classroom and the learning time tended to be shorter.

Ajaccio’s father, Carl Skey is a muggleborn travel writer and blogger. He was born and raised in New Zealand, but his parents had always had a deep passion for travelling that they transferred to their son. He travelled for a few years after leaving high school, built a fair following online with his travel tips and photos. He left magic behind after his brother died from a potion gone wrong. He was offered a largely freeland position within a wide travel writing company, which he took up. It was in his first assignment to Ajaccio, Corsica that he met mirabella. They had a whirlwind romance which led to them getting married after two months and three years of them travelling. Eventually Carl was offered a full time position in the company, which increased his workload and increased the amount he was travelling. With a computer and internet connection he never needed an office with a desk. It was around this time, after Carl and mirabella had been married for four years that she became pregnant. they began with they had an idic life, travelling around with two young infants. However, it was also beginning to fall apart. mirabella wanted to settle down, raise the kids with a proper home, but Carl didn’t, his job was his passion and his greatest joy. When their children were two years old they split. They let their children pick who they wanted to live with, Ajaccio went to his father and Lumio their mother. The agreement was made that every birthday and christmas Carl and Ajaccio were to return to New Zealand for the celebrations and for when the time came for Ajaccio to settle in New Zealand for school. Every so often they do pose the question to the children but the answers have never changed. Carl misses his younger son, but his passion for work has always trumped it. Ajaccio and his father have a very close relationship.

Ajaccio’s mother, mirabella Skey, was the youngest in the second set of twins her parents had. She was raised in a magical family in southern Italy. She attended Beauxbatons school, but had always desired to travel the world. She had been fascinated by muggles and muggle culture and had decided she wanted to travel for a bit before becoming a muggle studies teacher. Upon graduating she met Carl and fell deeply in love with him. Life with him and their travelling was easy. It was always fun and exciting, they were visiting new places, spending time with each other in various parts of the world and just largely enjoying learning about the other. She had moved most of her life to New Zealand, whenever they stayed there, they’d stay with Carl’s parents with whom mirabella got on exceedingly well. When Ajaccio and Lumio arrived she began thinking about her old plan and decided that she wanted to settle down. The break up between her and Carl had been hard going but she reached a good agreement with Carl about the future. She settled into a house in Auckland and her parents moved from Italy to New Zealand to help her out. She has suffered a great deal from depression following the break up and is very thankful for the support of both her parents and for Carl’s parents. She misses travelling and has never managed to get and keep a job while in New Zealand. Ajaccio, given that he went with his father, has a good but distant relationship with his mother. He loves her dearly but it’s a little complicated.


Name: Lumio Skey
DOB: April 2038
Relationship: brother.
Occupation: too young
Blood status: half blood

Ajaccio has one younger brother - Lumio Skey. They haven’t really ever been that close, they get along well with each other but given that he sees him four weeks out of a year, they aren’t as close as they could be. Ajaccio wonders often what shape their relationship would’ve taken on had they been raised together.

Both sets of grandparents on either side are alive. He has a good relationship with them and they dote on him whenever he’s about and he gets along with them.
He has a number of cousins, aunts, uncles on his mother’s side, but none on his father’s side. His father an only child and his mother the youngest of four.

Ajaccio has an inherently complicated relationship with his family, given that he only really spends time with his father. He is close with his father, exceedingly close, though is occasionally frustrated by the amount that Ajax has to end up doing himself. He’s close to his mother and brother, but the relationship is distant and strained given that he only sees them a little every year. He wants to be closer to his brother, but finds him a little difficult to understand at times. They don’t have a lot in common and he’s never understood why his brother wouldn’t want to spend time travelling around the world. He’s well looked after by his extended family. He has a good relationship with all of them, but he doesn’t really feel like he knows them all that well. Above everything else, he would really like to get to know his brother better, he’s sometimes a little saddened by the fact him and Lumio are not closer.

Since Ajaccio travels, he doesn’t have any pets.

Mixed blood. With a muggleborn father and a magical witch mother, he has always had both worlds. Ajaccio was however raised in the muggle world, he’s spent time in some magical areas of places in various countries but he was put in muggle schools, raised as a muggle aside from when he’s visiting New Zealand. His father rejected magic shortly before he graduated, living on as a muggle who does have a wand tucked away for absolute emergencies.

Ajaccio has never really cared about blood status, or status in general. It’s not something he thinks matters all that much when theres a world to explore. He thinks people put too much weight into status and it ends up negatively affecting everything in their life. Ajax is happy with his blood status which gives him more access to the magical world and the muggle one.

Though he was born in Auckland, Ajaccio wouldn’t say that he has a home town. His home has never been a fixed place, so there’s no place that he thinks, that’s where I feel most comfortable, that’s my home. He sometimes feels a little jealous of the identity some find with their hometown, or the feeling of the same house, bedroom and garden every day, but then he doesn’t know if he would be able to do it. Having spent so long moving around he doesn’t know any better. If he was really pushing it, he’d say that the house where his mother and brother live are his hometown, but they aren’t really home to him either. Even if the one place they always return to, they don’t feel any more like home that any of the places he and his dad stay.

Ajaccio doesn’t have a current residence. He doesn’t remain anywhere for longer than two months. When he finally gets to hogwarts it’ll be the first time in his life he’s ever lived permanently in one location.

The idea of staying in one location isn’t one that Ajaccio is a huge fan of, he just likes travelling, he likes being in different places and experiencing different things. He doesn’t think there’s one place in the world he could see himself remaining. He likes seeing the world too much.

Given that he’s never really lived anywhere, he doesn’t have any previous homes.

Ajaccio is too young to have given it much thought.

Single - he’s too young to really care

He had a very brief crush on a girl he went to school with in India in November 2048. She was just very kind to him and it was his first experience of that sort of time. He didn’t hate it, but he left before he could really do anything and got over the whole thing pretty quickly.




Too young

Too young
I'll take you to the future
Forget about the past

Ajaccio’s hair can only be described as wild. His hair is very thick and very large, with lots and lots of curls. The longer it is the wilder and bigger it appears to become. It’s a deep brown colour and is very often described as a birds nest, with birds practically nesting inside of it. In humid weather it tends to grow frizzier and double in size. Ajax’s hair is an exact carbon copy of his father’s, who despite his aging years still has a full head of hair. Ajax’s hair is untameable and though he loves his hair a lot, Ajaccio tends to wear a hat, either a beanie or a snapback, mostly to help keep it out of his eyes and because he’s an active enough child to require it. He very much likes his hair, there isn’t much he can do about it, and he can’t do much to tame it. He’s had it cut short a few times and while he doesn’t mind it like that he prefers it longer.

Never, he’s seen other people with it and though he doesn’t mind it on them, doesn’t care if people do that, he would rather never do it to his own hair.

Much like his mother, Ajaccio has blue/grey eyes. He has eyes more similar to his mother than anyone else in the family. He liked the way his eyes are, but always finds people spend more time staring at his thick wide eyebrows. That tends to be what draws people’s attention to his eyes more. The thick noticable eyebrows. Ajaccio enjoys the way that his eyes and eyebrows are. To him, the distinguishable features, the thickness of his hair and eyebrows have always been easy talking points for people and helped him appear friendlier. It was always a good way to get started talking to people, and given that Ajaccio had to often making new friends helped him a lot.

Ajaccio has a few scars and freckles dotted about the place. His freckles are numerous with one just at the corner of his left eye. He has more on his face, scattered about on his checks and his nose. He has a small, barely noticeable scar at the left side of his mouth and several scars on his arms and knees from fall off his skateboard and other such items. He likes the freckles and the scars, to him they show more personality, can tell stories about his fun adventures.

Ajaccio has an athletic build, he’s always been very active and outdoorsy, doing sports and generally just running around. He’s a little taller than most his age but not by much. It is evident in his shape and the light tan he has that he spends a lot of time outdoors. He’s an active person, and eats as much as he wants to knowing that the amounts of activity he does balances it back out and that given that he’s travelling to so many cool and interesting places that he should make the most of trying new and interesting things.

O (+ve)
Given that Ajaccio travels a lot, it was really important that he know his blood type.

Right Handed
He’s always been right handed.

Ajaccio having been raised all over the place has a very mixed accent, there’s a hint of Kiwi in it, but largely it a combination of several, erring towards an american accent. It makes it difficult to place where exactly Ajaccio is from which is helped by the fact he’s not really from anywhere.

Having spent lots of time in varying locations, having gone to school in most of these locations, he’s picked up a lot of the languages along the way, he’s fluent in English, Spanish, French, Korean, German, and Arabic. He can get by on russian, norwegian, Italian and japanese. He’s always been good at picking languages up as he goes, knowing it helps him be understood in countries. He’s not as good in writing in any of the languages, especially arabic, but he can get by. It was always necessary for him to learn things like that given how much time he spent there, and Ajaccio seemed to have a knack for picking up languages, learning as they went along, and the older he got keeping them. Ajaccio has always been better at learning by being involved and doing than by sitting in any classroom.

No known allergies

Ajaccio has one rucksack of stuff, having always travelled light, so his clothes are largely five t-shirts and three trousers, jeans, pale chinos and formal trousers. He has a good few jumpers which he tends to layer when in colder countries. He has a number of beanies and hats which he pairs to protect his hair. All in all he has a very simple style, characterised by having a limited amount of clothes.

marlon langeland

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There is nothing that Ajaccio loves more than travelling. He loves visiting and trying new places and things. He loves outdoor activities, sports, markets and people. He loves languages and striking up conversations with people, he loves learning about how a place functions, especially by doing. He loves swimming, the sea, lakes, he loves skateboarding and cycling. He loves food, and eating all types of different cuisines. He loves going on walks and going hiking. He loves reading the odd book and sitting down occasionally for a movie. He likes having fun with other people and listening to their lives. He loves the world and loves being able to visit places, he loves being afforded the opportunity to do so. Ajaccio loves spending time with his dad, he loves being able to be seen as independent, he loves just riding on his skateboard or bike, with the wind in his hair and nothing to do.

Above all else, Ajaccio doesn’t like being stuck inside. He’s been to places where he didn’t spend too much time outside, but to him theres a difference to not being able to go outside and being forbidden or stuck. He’s not a huge fan of school, he’s been to a whole bunch of them but he doesn’t particularly enjoy them. He doesn’t like the structured learning that happens in them, he doesn’t like having to do homework, doesn’t like how strict the professors can be. He doesn’t like when people are rude, really hates when people aren’t nice to other people, or just plain ignorant. He knows that he isn’t perfect and he might say some things that he shouldn’t but he’s always looking to learn why it was wrong and improve upon it.

Ajaccio doesn’t have many goals, he just wants to travel and try new things, goals seem always so set in stone and he’s very much an as it comes and goes sort of person. He just wants to be able to have fun, see new places and try new things. He doesn’t care much for real work or a steady life. Those things aren’t things he wants, travelling is all he wants.

His father leaving him behind. Though Hogwarts means he leaves his father, they’ve formed such a close bond, that his father leaving Ajaccio behind, forcing him to stay and opting to be the one to break the relationship would be horrible for Ajaccio. They’ve always been very close due to the nature of his upbringing and he deeply fears losing his father in anyway that his out of his control. Going to hogwarts was in his control, was something everyone had agreed to and he knows he’ll go back to his father every break, but losing him, losing that part of his life forever without even a little input from him would be terrifying for him.

Humpback Whale - Since they are an animal that travel and migrate a lot. Much like Ajaccio.

Ajaccio has visited many incredible places, he has seen and done things he knows most people would never, but the memory which brings him the most amount of joy and would be the one to use for a patronus was when he and his father was travelling around Vietnam towards the end of the summer months when he was 10 years old. They rented a boat and meandered around the Cat Ba Archipelago. He loved every minute of the trip, the calm, the peace, the way the water looked, how warm it was, how beautiful the sunsets were, the cliff faces and the little islands. It was just a perfect trip, he didn’t have to worry about school, it was just him and his dad lazying around, having a good time.

His worst memory was a fairly mundane one in the grand scheme of things but, he got very sick from something he’d eaten when he was about nine years old and his father called his mother who apparated to where they were and took him back to New Zealand to be looked after in a home and around family. Ajaccio had been running a high fever, was completely disoriented, had no idea where he was and kept waking up in the house in New Zealand thinking he’d been kidnapped or something. He was very weak and unwell for about two weeks, but the worries of being left behind, of being completely alone and unsure of where he was really affected him, He doesn’t like being unwell at all and tries to be as healthy as possible, though he might engage in reckless and dangerous behaviour, he’d rather be injured than sick.

Ajaccio is terrified of enjoying school and one location too much that he won’t want to travel any more. Though it’s never been something he’s enjoyed in the past but since there was always an end date and another location to move to on his mind, it’s never been an option, so he grew to prefer moving around, grew to like seeing and experiencing new things in new places. Hogwarts will change that, he’ll no longer move around and go to dozens of places within a year and he’s truthfully afraid that experiencing that will make him change his mind and he’ll opt to stay rather than travel.

As much as he loves his currently life, he’d likely see his whole family. His brother and his mother with them as they travel around the countries. He doesn’t remember his life prior to travelling around when his whole family did so. He just misses his brother and sometimes when he’s experiencing things in countries knows that it would be a whole lot more fun to experience it with someone else. To spend the time with someone else, there were things they could’ve just done together. He also misses his mother at times, whenever he’s at home, he sees how his mother and his brother interact, how close they are and though he’s close with his father, its a different sort of relationship that they have to what he has with his dad. His dad isn’t overly physically affectionate, and he sees that his mother is. He’d like to have a closer bond with her and his family whole and travelling together would be what he’d see in the mirror.

The outdoors, any smell that someone could associate with the outdoors is a smell that Ajaccio loves. He just loves the outdoors, the only smell that he likes that’s common inside is the smell of a peat fire. Aside from that, the smell of grass, of flowers, of salt water air, of a humid storm. He’s spent a lot of time outside travelling around, and just prefers it to being trapped inside. He’s been camping in many different places, experienced a whole host of different weathers, and to him it’s fun and exciting. Being outside and interacting with all of the different things that he could interact with. Anything that smells like the outdoors feels very much like home to him. Perhaps because without one solid home that he always went back to at the end of every week, he’s never really had home smells.

His father, given the nature of how he grew up, he is very close to his father, they had a strong firm bond. He’s always looked up to his father’s work ethic, to his openness, to his adventurous spirit, to the fact he lets Ajaccio make decisions for himself, lets him experience a whole host of things other parents would say no to. Ajax loves his father dearly and they had a very good relationship. He easily looks up to the man and definitely models a lot of his behaviour on what he’s learned from him. He tries very hard to be someone his father can be proud of. Ajaccio wants to help and protect his father and be integral to his life and is worried that hogwarts, and a permanent location will change that.

Ajaccio holds no religious beliefs, having been raised in a way that exposed him to dozens of cultures, religious and groups, he’s always been very open minded, he’s always been very eager to learn about such things, eager to visit and talk to people of that group. He knows that sometimes it’s counter productive to, realises his own position, him and his father’s which allow them both to interact and feel comfortable around so many groups. Ajaccio likes learning about things when he’s actualy there, he likes learning when he’s in amongst it and would actively seek out parts of the societies he was in so that he could learn more about it. Ajaccio knew he’d learn more in the world than from a book, and being in so many places he thinks it would be a waste to not try and learn things about these places.


Every adolescent Libran's fantasy is to find the Prince or Princess of their dreams. As their lives unfold, the experiences, false starts, dramas, broken hearts and disillusionment they encounter seeking this personal Holy Grail, often shapes their futures in the most extra-ordinary manner. Love and love-lost makes a big difference to the Libran although their often happy-go-lucky appearance against all kinds of odds may not reveal this as fact.Librans can switch off from the world around then and during these periods much more occurs on the deep innermost levels of the Libran's psyche, than their closest companions imagine. Many Librans after establishing a lifestyle that somehow falls short of their childhood dreams, manage to conjure up a most independent life and keep up an image of being dedicated to a "close relationship". They can escape into obscure role playing - and often this makes them extremely successful business people. When it comes to romance and love, Librans can be difficult to fathom yet in business many Librans discover they can not only be creative, but it provides an opportunity to express the more diverse sides to their personalities. Their charm can win jobs and provides powerful friends. But in both work and play, looking for peace and harmony, Librans often say "yes" when they should be saying "no".

Ajaccio is a very free and independent person. He has spent most of his life travelling around the world and this has very much affected how he is. He is a very go with the flow person, he’ll be relatively impulsive and is the type to say yes to anything. He just likes doing new things, experiencing new things, trying things that he hadn’t before. He’s very adventurous, but he sees it more like learning about the world. He doesn’t set out to have adventures, things just happen around him, he lets the day decide where it takes him. He’s not very into school, but is quite intelligent, particularly with languages. He’s much more of a learn from watching and listening to others than from a book or really any traditional sense of it. He’s keen to always make people around him feel at ease and comfortable so tends to make sure that they’re okay. He’s good at making friends, not so good at keeping them, but he’s moved around so much that most of the time he doesn’t get the opportunity to keep them.


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Ajaccio Skey

"ajax" ; wanderlust; alt. chaser; accio! intern
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There are too many schools to list. His education was split between schools in the places they were to the homeschooling he received. His education was important and he learned a good number of things. Hogwarts will be the first school he’ll attend for a longer length of time.

Given that he’s attended a various amount of schools he’s not had a consistent attendance. He first went to a real school when he was four, a nursery school in Brazil, and from then on, went to various schools for various lengths of time.

Some of the schools had houses, others didn’t.

Having been to so many schools he’s had a lot of first thoughts, but the older he got the more his mind eased at the prospect of starting somewhere new. It didn’t matter in a few months what happened in that school. He would take it easy, make a few fast friends, enjoy the school, enjoy learning whatever it was that was on offer, take nothing seriously and then be out. He’s seen a lot of different schools and experienced a number of different education systems, he thinks they are all pretty much the same, with only truly little differences.

Ajaccio didn’t really have grades from most of his school. HIs education was rather spotty given that he’d been to so many different places and they all had different teaching styles and curriculum. Sometimes he’d be three course behind and others two ahead, his education lacked a lot of consistency only really balancing when he was educated from home. This tended to be when he’d manage best to bring up his learning that had somewhat lacked in other areas. He didn’t get any formal grades and didn’t make many attempts to really apply himself when he was in schools. He’d do the work in class but barely did any of the homework that was assigned, tended to be kind to the teachers but never take any of it seriously, to the teachers usual annoyance. He never stuck around long enough to matter or even to make many real friends.

Ajaccio loved sports, if only because it was the one class that was fairly universal. He spent time in so many different classes, schools and countries that he tended to be either behind or ahead, sports was the one place he could excel, it was also a class where you did the learning by doing, there were any lectures, you got to physically work towards learning. He was always very good in any language classes but, he liked sports above everything else. He was good at a lot of sports.

He never really had one, classes were all the same to him. He preferred being outside and spending time in any and all school grounds, anything that was better than a classroom with four walls and no open windows. He liked most classes that were outside, it was frustrating when he was at school during colder, winter months were going outside during lessons was a lot harder, so he tended to dislike winter lessons more than any particularly class.

Ajaccio tended to not, he was never there for very long, but he had no reason to not stay in school. A lot of the time if he was in a school it meant his dad was much busier and there wasn’t anyone to look after him. So he would stay in school, it was never for long anyway and he could usually make it through it without too much bother.

Ajaccio tended to get involved in any after school clubs that he could. Since he was always looking for things to do while his dad worked late or while he was being minded by someone else when his father worked. Ajaccio took part in an orchestra as the triangle player, several language clubs, a cycling club, theatre club, scouts and various other things, he liked trying different things, experiencing things that he might not have otherwise. He likes saying yes to new experiences.

None - given that he’s never spent enough time in any one school he’s never achieved any positions. At best the position he’s achieved in nearly all of them was being the new kid.

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Knotted 10 1/2 Inch Sturdy Black Walnut Wand with Billywig Stinger Core

Length: A fairly average length for a wand, not at all uncommon or very special.

Style: The knots of this wand's original wood remain clearly visible - earthy, this style of wand is perhaps most traditional and closest to nature.
Wood: Black Walnut wands are especially aware of self deception and may not perform as expected for a witch or wizard in a state of inner conflict. Self-aware and assured wizards will have found a powerful and loyal companion, however.
Core: Billywig stingers make for temperate cores, but they are mildly useful when used to heal. Wands with this core tend to what they want to do, making them good for people who are flexible in nature.
Flexibility: Sturdy: A solid wand for any witch or wizard - easy to use, and highly dependable.

Ajaccio particularly liked the look of this wand when he saw it, it was a good travel-able length, it had a nice dark wood and the knotted nature of wand gave it an earthy style that he liked. It seemed to be the best sort of wand for him. suited to him in a way that a flasher wand would be. He liked the core, given that by the explanation it was by those who were flexible and Ajax liked to think of himself as very flexible. He liked the wand a lot and it suits him perfectly in his mind.

Hogwarts New Zealand

Ajaccio has been to a good many places, some of which were more inspiring than others. Hogwarts though it made him exceedingly nervous he could admit was an incredible looking school. He loved where and how it sat, he liked how it looked against the backdrop of New Zealand. It to him was a pretty perfect looking place even if he didn't much agree with it on anything else. He didn't want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with no place for him to then go. Ajax had spent a lot of time in rural or far flung places but none felt as isolated as Hogwarts felt to him when he first arrived.


Ajaccio wasn't too worried about being sorted, he felt that it was final, that there would be little turning back from it, but it wasn't something that he was afraid of. He was nervous for what it meant but not for the houses. He wanted to be in ravenclaw purely because he knew that was where people liked learning, though Ajaccio had never been very book orientated, he didn't feel any connection to the other houses. Slytherin didn't suit him, he knew it was underground. Hufflepuff seemed nice but he'd never been hard working in a traditional sense. Gryffindor was likely the only other house that maybe suited him because he'd sense his adventurous nature might place him there but he didn't seem out adventure ever, it just sort of happened. He was therefore very pleased when he was sorted into ravenclaw.

Ajaccio couldn’t much believe that he was here for school, for so long this had been some distant event that he would do and now it was here. He would be entering a school and be unable to travel around as he had before. He had never lived anywhere, as far as he could remember for longer than two months and this would be more than that. He was essentially living in New Zealand. Ajaccio was admittedly nervous, having never had to settle in a place he was sure how it would go for him. He had always managed to make friends in the places that he went, but that tended to be at the expense of knowing he wouldn’t have to be there long enough for the friendship to ever face anything difficult. What kind of friend would he be now? Now that leaving shortly after meeting was no longer an option. Ajax would manage, he was sure, it would just be a long few years if he struggled. The young boy had found the journey to Hogwarts tiring, but not unlike the journeys he was used to, but he felt still a little out of sorts. In all of his travelling with his father he had never been so surrounded by magic, his father being a muggle had meant he’d always been surrounded by muggles, muggle people, muggle transport, muggle life. Though the train had been magical, it had been muggle enough, the people on the train and the school they were now in, were anything but muggle. Ajaccio glanced at the different students, spotting Nicole in amongst them, she seemed exactly how he remembered her from those months ago at the playground when he’d been in New Zealand last. Ajax grinned towards her and gave a little wave. He half hoped he might be in the same house as her, just so he would know someone.

The boy had begun making his way over to her when the entire class moved. He would have to wait until later he guessed. Ajax nervously followed behind, running his hand through the unruly curls, making them inevitably more unruly, but perhaps it wouldn’t be too noticeable against the mess that was already there. He couldn’t help but glance around at the different tables, at the different people. Would he enjoy his time at the school, would he grow bored of the classes, he’d never been particularly good at school learning. He’d never really tried too hard when he was at a specific school since he’d leave no too long after and the differing curriculums and languages could make things tricky for him to keep up, but maybe here he’d like it. The tanned boy figured that so long as the grounds were big enough and there were few limitations on what he could do in them he would make sure he could handle it. Even if he had never really excelled at in class learning. The ceremony got started, with the headmistress welcoming them to the school and then introducing the hat and all that would happen. The hat then sang a song. His mother, the magical half of the family hadn’t attended Hogwarts but she had told him to be prepared for this, for the hat to sing a song. Ajaccio found himself easily enjoying it, hoping it was the same every year so that he could learn it and sing along. Eventually the song ended and Ajax cheered loudly. His worries about the future, school and houses vanishing for a brief moment and then the first name was called. He hadn’t given much thought to where he wanted to end up, though his learning was maybe a little lacking in terms of in class book learning, Ajaccio liked to think he was smart, he hoped maybe ravenclaw. But he applauded as the first person got sorted, and again for the next and the next. He applauded loudly for Nicole and get new house and eventually his name was called.

”Skey, Ajaccio,”

His name called out. He felt like it echoed off the walls as he pushed himself through the remaining students to the stool. He attempted to flatten down his hair before the hat was placed on, he was nervous. Even if he didn’t really mind where he ended up, it would just be so final, confirm so much that he wouldn’t be able to leave, that his nomadic lifestyle with his father was over.

"Rowena Ravenclaw valued learning for its own sake, and you know well that learning comes in many different forms. You'll be well suited to expand your knowledge in Ravenclaw!"

Third Year

(Y34) FIRST YEAR: Ajaccio arrived at school nervous, he had never faced remaining in the one place for longer than a few months and he would spend a lot time at school. In the end, he'd had little to worry about, he joined some clubs, made a lot of friends, and went to all of the school events. He would certainly count Andy as his best friend, he went to all of the school events with her and she was unbothered by the fact he didn't own a suit. Ajaccio also joined a few clubs and spent a lot of time exploring the school. he managed to keep out of trouble and overall, had a good time. He also cooked for the first time.
First Year Yearbook Picture

(Y35) SECOND YEAR: Ajaccio was really looking forward to his second year of school. He had had a good break with his father but he was eager to get back to it. During this year he continued to pull okay grades, but he made more friends, he became friendlier with Lysander Summers and participated in the Duelling tournament when he lost. the last match to Lysander and vomitted up slugs. He went to the yuleball with Juniper and then the valentines event with Nicole. He also during the pride event met the leader of the accio club and thought about how he might like photography.
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(Y36)Third Year:
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None yet - too young

First Year Grades
Potions - AHistory of Magic - ADADA - ACharms - E
Transfiguration - AAstronomy - AHerbology - AFlying - A

Second Year Grades
Potions - AHistory of Magic - ADADA - ACharms - A
Transfiguration - AAstronomy - AHerbology - A

Third Year Grades
Potions - OHistory of Magic - DADA - ECharms -
Transfiguration - EAstronomy - Herbology - Ancient Runes - A
Care of Magical Creatures - O
Too young

Ajaccio really liked herbology, it was the one class that had him doing things with his hands. He liked the professor, he liked what they had learned about and he'd just enjoyed all of the subject matter. It had been fun. He would say that potions was a close second best class, only beaten by herbology because that was in part outside. He liked that aspect of it.

Ajaccio has real problems with the history of magic classroom, a lot of the other lessons he can forgive and forget about how they spent so much time iwthin the class, but this was just too much, and they didn't learn anything practical. he had difficulties keeping up with the material. He found the classes dull and though the professor was nice enough he just couldn't focus on the work that he had to do.
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Ajaccio has always thought he would do what his father does, something like that. He's never really wanted more from life than the ability to just travel the world, meeting people and going to places. He's not sure if that's his dream job, but it's the only thing he can see himself doing. Ajaccio isn't sure that's the best use of him, and he doesn't really know how to achieve it, but it's what he wants from his life.

Ajaccio is just a student - though prior to hogwarts this was a loose term given that he hadn’t ever been at a school longer than two months. He likes school enough, but preferred home schooling because that was just easier for him to do, he didn’t have to sit in a classroom and the learning time tended to be shorter.

Ajaccio spends all of school breaks travelling with his father so he doesn't have time for a job. He wouldn't really want any of them either, anything that takes him away from being able to see the world and force him indoors isn't worth his time.









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