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Misha had learnt of Mallory's marriage when he'd been momentarily confused by the new name on her door. But he was happy for her of course. He wanted nothing more than for those around him to experience love. Misha had also received her summons and was more than happy to go. He conjured some flowers and made up a card for her before heading to her office. He knocked on the door. "You called?" he said with a friendly expression as he stood in the doorway to her office.
Mallory was sitting at her desk, twirling a quill in her fingers. Could she really be...? She took a few breaths, chewing on her lip, one hand unthinkingly resting over her stomach. It would make sense if she was, she supposed, but what would that mean for her teaching? For her job? Her life? She couldn't help but fret, sighing heavily and setting the quill down. She looked up when she heard the voice, realizing he must have knocked. She gave him a shy smile and stood. "I did, yes, thank you for coming by," She offered, waving for him to take a seat. "Please, shut the door?" She asked, twirling a strand of hair around her finger nervously.
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Misha frowned a little as she invited him in and asked him to close the door. He had gotten to know Mallory quite well over the last few years they'd worked together. He did as he was told, closing the door and taking a seat in front of her. "Is everything okay?" he asked with a gentle expression. He hoped it was nothing too serious.
Mallory took a breath and nodded slowly, a hand slipping under the desk to rest against her stomach. "I- I'm not sure," She spoke slowly. She looked away before bringing her eyes back to meet Misha's. "I... Misha, I think I'm- well, I might be... pregnant," Her words seemed sluggish and she looked down to the desk, eyes mindlessly tracing the patterns in the wood. "I'm... scared," She admitted gently, biting her lip.
Misha wasn't sure why he felt a little nervous as she started speaking, and then his expression immediately softened. He was sure that this would be good news. "Oh Mallory, that's..." he was about to congratulate her, but given that she then said she was scared he stopped. "Why are you scared?" he asked gently. "Is this not something you want?" he asked.
Mallory took a deep breath. "I don't know," She admitted, peeking up at him. "I spend most of the year here... and I don't want to leave... but I don't want to be away so much if... if I am." She swallowed hard. "It's hard enough to be away from Atkin... and I trust him, I do, I just- don't know anything about being a parent." She lowered her eyes again. "You already know I didn't really come from a good home... while I love my siblings, I was never supposed to be a parent to them, and I don't know if I could be a good mother..." She sighed. "I'm sorry, this must all sound so ridiculous."
Misha considered what she said. He knew that she didn't come from great parents, but he also knew that she would likely make a good parent herself. Though her anxiety around it likely coming from a place where she just had had to do it young already and this would be more pressure. "It's not, really," he tried to assure her, trying to figure what he could say, how he could try to help her. "For what it's worth, I think you'd make a good mother. But you don't have to raise them yourself, and if you do then certainly you do not have to do it alone." he told her, not explicitly saying that he would help, but certainly implying it.

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