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Andromeda walked down the stairs, one winding staircase after another. She had left her broom on top of her bed, she really needed to start distancing herself from it, well not too much but enough so people didn't begin to think she was strange. It mattered greatly to her though, not just because of her passion for flying and quidditch but mainly as it had been from her father.
Today she decided that with no classes she would take a muggle book with her, give herself a break from studying and class work and just free her mind. She hadn't seen Zuka or Brian in a few days and was worried that she had alienated them. She sighed as she came to the fifth floor. Andromeda didn't feel like going any further really, so walking over to where a suit of armour stood, she scooched down of the ground beside it leaning her back to the wall. She thought she was relatively well hidden here. She opened her book and settle back to enjoy it.
She turned to the third chapter, The Lawrence Boy she sighed and let herself be absorbed by the characters.
Maddiie walked around in the 5th corridor. She had nothing in particular to do, so she decided to see who was around. No one had seem to been around, she was about to leave to her dorm. When she spotted a hidden figured, between two sets or armor. Her curiosity was killing her, so she went and look to see Andromeda sitting reading a book. "What a good place to read a book." she said looking down at her.
Andromeda looked up and smiled at the girl infront of her.
"Yeah it is! the library always seems to be busy. Here just seemed a nice quiet spot to read." Andy patted the ground beside her, "Would you like to join me? It's Maddie isn't it?"
"Yeah the library do seem crowded. Yeah sure, I will join you." Maddiie said sitting next to her. "And yeah I am Maddiie from the book club." she smiled back.
"I have those days." she admitted. "I'm a 3rd year, was supposed to be a 4th year, but I was sent home on medical leave." she explain to Andy.
"Wow, I'm sorry. Was it anything serious? Well of course it must be you had to stay back a year!" Andy bit her lip, "That must be hard though watching all your friends advance a year. Do you know many of the third years?"
"Well not really, I think I fit with 3rd year than the 4th year. I know lots of 3rd year, but I talk to everyone" she smiled. "I have friends in each house, any years, that just the way I am."
"No not really, just bored. Only have one more class this week." she said
"How about you." she asked her.
"Yeah why not." she looked at her book.
"Muggle books are actually interesting." she smiled.
"They have such active imagination, you know unicorn
and giants, as if they really exist." Maddiie said winking and giggling.
Andromeda laughed and nudged her gently.
"I remember my uncle Patrick telling us stories when we were kids, my cousins and I - I used to get so terrified because I knew that they really existed and my cousins used to call me a big baby!"
"I would like to see them run from a big giant." Maddiie said smirking.
"Lucky giants are stupid by the time they are far away, they had forgotten what they were chasing." Maddiie grin."Did you say uncle Patrick, as in nurse Patrick?" she said again. "As in Doc, my doc well that what I call him."
"Yeah! Doc? He must love that. If I even hint about calling him nurse he flips!" Andy smiled, "He's really cool. He used to be the captain of the Irish quidditch team. Did you know that?"
Andromeda raised her eyes to the skies, "sorry massively overly proud of him! tend to boast a bit too much!"
"Oh really, that pretty awesome. I probably would've been a big fan of his." Maddiie said grinning. "I may ask for pointers than, I am captain of the Hufflepuff team."
"Well its my first year." she said blushing over Andy reaction.
"So what house are you in?" she asked changing the subject.
"Oh cool you must know Grande than." she said smiling
"Quidditch well the only thing I'm good at is a Beater, its my thing." she smiled.
"What position would you want to play for?" she asked her.
Andromeda smiled at Maddie answering her questions.
"Chaser or keeper, I guess. Beater isn't a bad position either", she smiled then realising something she said, "Your Grande's Maddie, the girl who gave him the frog pendant!"
Maddiie looked at her closely. "I think you should try to be a seeker."
"Your very light looking and its a hard position to fill in, you can lean, you know lean
anyways," Maddiie said smiling. "But if that fill definetly a keeper," she blushed when she heard her about Grande. "Oh he told you about that, I was just asking because I heard hes been asking questions around. He really nice person." she smiled
"I kind of wandered up to the boys dorm on my first day and we got talking. I admired his pendant and he told me about you. It's lovely how he talks about you. What type of questions?" Andy closed her book and held it close to her.
She decided she would give the seeker position a bit more thought, if Maddie thought she would be good as it maybe it was worth considering.
"Well you know general question, blood status, favorite hobbies. That just the way everyone are when they first meet people in this school." Maddiie nodded. "Hes really sweet, always talk good about me." she smiled. "I went up to the boys room meet a boy name Dakota, not much of a talker. Have you meet Blane and Arnold there pretty cool." she smiled back at her.

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