Open A Glimpse of the Moving Portraits

Joshua Lynch

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Ever since Josh had entered Hogwarts, there were so many things around the school that amazed him, but things that also confused him. How did the stairs move? How and why do the portraits move and talk? The few ghosts he had seen around the school as well had been amazing to him. The new Gryffindor had decided to go on some small exploration, investigating the portraits and how they could possibly work. As he walked down the fifth-floor corridor, he waved at all the portraits he walked past. "Hi Mr Portrait, hello Miss Portrait, hiya portrait number three," Joshua said as he waved to each and every portrait on one side of the corridor, not particularly sure what their names were.
Blue was still quite drowsy after spending most of the winter asleep in her frame. Things did get so dreadfully boring when all the students left, she missed the chatter in the halls but at least time passed quickly when she was asleep. "Hello, Mr Student. Hope you had a good holiday," Blue returned sleepily as one of the students moved past, returning his wave with a smile smile before adjusting her hair. If the students were truly back in earnest she'd have to tidy herself up a bit, Blue thought, shifting to sit up straight in her frame.
Joshua jumped suddenly when he didn't expect one of the portraits to talk, he walked back a little, to investigate the portrait that spoke. "Woah! You just talked! How did you do that?!" Josh asked with amazement, and with slight suspicion, as he pointed to the talking painting. He had only seen portraits move but never really heard a portrait speak before. But he thought that it was epic that it spoke. "My name's Joshua. But you can call me Josh if you'd like. What's your name?"
Blue hid an amused smile behind her hand when the little student excitedly looped back, seemingly amazed by her talking back. "It would be rude not to respond," she said simply, lowering her hand to speak. "How do you do it?" She asked, tilting her head coyly. She was sure the boy must be new to magic, to be this excited, and Blue so rarely got the chance to talk to someone so eager or interested in her. It was fun. "Josh, it's nice to meet you. Most people call me the Blue Lady," she said, giving Josh her best approximation of a curtsy while still sitting. "I suppose you could call me Blue if you wanted to," she added, fixing a piece of hair nervously as she offered the nickname. "Are you a new student then? You seem very excited to be here."
Josh chuckled a little at the portrait's response, as he walked closer to the portrait. His eyes still slightly wide with amazement. He couldn't believe that he was actually talking to a portrait. Josh blushed in embarrassment when the lady in the portrait asked how he talked. He had hoped that he wasn't rude, but he knew that sometimes what he says comes off that way. "it's nice to meet you Blue" Joshua says with excitement. He wondered if there were other portraits around that would be nice enough to have a conversation with. Josh nodded excitedly as he responded to Blue's question. "Oh yeah! I'm new to all this magic stuff too. Learning something new every day" Joshua says with a shrug and chuckle. "How long have you been in Hogwarts for? Do you get to move around from one portrait to another?"

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