y37 quidditch

  1. Reeve Buchanan

    Quidditch Stands: Beauxbaton vs Ilvermorny game

    These are the stands for the Beauxbatons vs Ilvermorny Y37 game. The stands will close 2 days after the game ends. Follow the game here! Talk quidditch OOC here!
  2. Reeve Buchanan

    Quidditch Game: Beauxbatons vs Ilvermorny

    Beauxbatons,Ilvermorny Reeve had quick travels on this day and was eating a piece of toast as he watched the stands begin to fill up. There was a big chill in the air, but thankfully no snow or ice on the ground or in the forecast. The sun was fairly bright as well, but still the man had cast a...
  3. Reeve Buchanan

    Quidditch Game: Ravenclaw vs Gryffindor

    Ravenclaw,Gryffindor The game was scheduled for late morning, and it was an extremely pleasant Spring day. It would be a good day for quidditch. The wind was light and the sun was shining brightly. Reeve was just about finished setting up the field, the finishing touch was resting the game...
  4. Reeve Buchanan

    Open The Stands

    Here are the stands for Y37! Follow the game here! Let's talk quidditch here!
  5. Reeve Buchanan

    Quidditch Game: Slytherin vs Hufflepuff

    Slytherin,HufflepuffThe students had already been back in school for a month, and hadn't seen a game yet, but that would change soon. Reeve was excited to get back to it, the current quidditch champions set to take part in the first match. It was late morning, the humidity in the air quite...
  6. Reeve Buchanan

    Quidditch Chat Y37

    TeamWin/LossPoints Gryffindor1-0170 Hufflepuff0-120 Ravenclaw0-120 Slytherin1-0160 Here's where you can chat all things quidditch! Practices seem to be off to a great! Any predictions for the season? Let's chat quidditch here!
  7. Sierra Woodlock

    Y37 Gryffindor Quidditch Try-Outs

    Sierra was incredibly excited to be starting at new year at HNZ, and even more excited to be running the Gryffindor Quidditch team alongside Lysander. He was such a cool dude, and she was so sure they were going to have such a great time together, and build the bestest team ever. They already...
  8. Elliot Briar

    Y37 Hufflepuff Try-Outs

    Quidditch was both such a strange mix of joy and anxiety for Elliot. He hadn't been sure how to feel when Analei and Arvel had made him one of the team's co-captains, especially after how badly he'd played last year, but he really did love the team, and he tried to focus on that feeling as he...