kasim safir

  1. Eric Holland

    Closed Warning Shot

    It had seemed ages since Eric had talked to Kas, though that was probably partially because of the recent holidays. Eric didn't have many friends, at all, but if he counted anyone as a friend besides Nova, it was Kas. He almost forgot the boy was in the year below him. He was alright, and not...
  2. Beau Chamberlin

    Open A gift of yellow to yellow

    Since Beau Chamberlin did not have a clue on how to pronounce some of these names, he thought of a more creative way to find the people he was searching for. He held out a big dry erase board with the name KASIM SAFIR on it, and held it over his head to the Hufflepuff table. He then said, “Hey...
  3. Blaise Chevalier

    Open A cheery one

    Blaise Chevalier made his way to the Hufflepuff house, and asked a student to fetch Kasim Safir. After all, he had a delivery, and this was his first one. He wondered how it would go.
  4. Harper Fletcher

    Closed Closer Family, Still Few Friends

    A few days ago, Harper found himself surprised by reading a letter from his cousin back in England. The rest of his father's family would be moving to Wellington, New Zealand. It would be nice having his father's side of the family closer, especially since he wasn't around anymore. His aunt...
  5. Eric Holland

    Old School Week Indirect Communication

    Open after Kris Eric hadn't gone into the Antiquated Lavatory before. Why would he go to some old broken smelly toilet? But apparently, he'd missed out on something. Someone, and he could guess who, had written 'Eric Holland sucks' on the wall near the sinks. After Kas had told him, Eric had to...