daphne's character

  1. Kiara Wood

    You didn't see that!

    Holidays were slowly coming to the end. Kia found it really confusing, how three months in school lasted forever but three months out of school felt like three days? Actually she just got back to NZ from France, she managed to get little French accent back in her voice, she always found it quit...
  2. Samantha Jacobs

    Closed Hard Times

    It was Samantha's third year at Hogwarts and she quite enjoyed her three year adventure at Hogwarts so far. She had made a few friends a long the way of her journey. Samantha was bored today though. She had nothing to do at the moment. She already had completed her homework for the day and her...
  3. Henry Addams

    Open Scotland visitor.

    Where could one find out more about wizards than going to a site like his and getting new books at times to a school that knew almost nothing about spells except what his aunt sometimes told, so he had requested permission for her to go here and also try to make friends with other wizards and...
  4. Iris van Houten

    Iris van Houten

  5. Emma van Houten

    Emma van Houten

  6. Lucas Fletcher

    Lucas Fletcher

  7. Tyler Lee

    Tyler Lee

  8. Eric Holland

    Eric Holland

  9. Lars van Houten

    Lars van Houten

  10. Claudia Holland

    Claudia Holland

  11. Emilia Manning

    Emilia Manning