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  1. Genevieve Fuentes

    Closed Almost There

    Genevieve couldn't help but smile at the professor's encouraging words. She had no idea that he could be so kind. "Thank you, professor." she said softly before attempting to try one last time. She just needed to remain calm and positive, and also focus on what was written on the parchment. She...
  2. Genevieve Fuentes

    Closed Almost There

    Genevieve nervously watched as Professor Styx looked inside his desk. He pulled out a piece of parchment, which actually made Evie feel privileged to hold in her hand. He was really giving her his late wife's handwriting to use as a guide. He also told her that her work wasn't a complete...
  3. Genevieve Fuentes

    Y45 Graduation Ceremony: Graduates

    Genevieve was never usually a nervous person, but somehow the idea of graduating made her feel butterflies in her stomach. She had been waiting for the moment for so very long, and now that it was finally real, Evie didn’t know what to do with herself. She was feeling so many emotions, including...
  4. Genevieve Fuentes

    Closed Almost There

    Evie could feel herself tense a little as the professor asked her to attempt to transform. She had attempted it so many times before with no luck and she wasn’t sure she would be able to get it at the moment, especially with Professor Styx staring at her. She just nodded a little tentatively...
  5. Genevieve Fuentes

    Closed Almost There

    Evie smiled slightly as Professor Styx opened the door and gestured for her to come in. She took a step inside and kept close to the door. Somehow she still felt a little apprehensive about the man, so keeping close to the door made her feel more comfortable. At his question, Evie's heart sank a...
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  9. Genevieve Fuentes

    Quidditch Game: Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw

    Evie made her way to the quidditch pitch, looking forward to the game. She was feeling a bit better today and more confident that she could do well. She gathered around as the captain spoke before waiting for the match to begin.
  10. Genevieve Fuentes

    Gryffindor Quidditch Practice Y45/S2

    Evie watched as the beaters managed to hit the younger seeker. She then quickly reverted her attention back to the player with the quaffle.
  11. Genevieve Fuentes

    Closed Almost There

    Evie was a little sad that Professor Abberline was no longer at the school. She missed him during the first semester, especially as she had no one to go to with any questions as she practiced. But this still didn't stop her from continuing with her training. She was getting much better at...
  12. Genevieve Fuentes

    Gryffindor Quidditch Practice Y45/S2

    Evie noticed the snitch being caught out of the corner of her eye, but did not let that distract her. Luckily, the chaser was hit by a bludger and this made it easier for Evie to save the shot. She threw the quaffle back out to the nearest player.
  13. Genevieve Fuentes

    Gryffindor Quidditch Practice Y45/S2

    Evie was keen for a good practice session. But as she headed up into the skies, she was hit by a bludger. She held her side as she attempted to block the quaffle coming her way. She sighed when she missed it and threw it back out.
  14. Genevieve Fuentes

    Y45 SDA Members

    President: Genevieve Fuentes Members: First Years Second Years Third Years Fourth Years Fifth Years Sixth Years Seventh Years Aroha Blenheim Audrey Beauchamp June Davenport Dorian Fitzwilliam Mischa Falter-Butera Aurora Archer Genevieve Fuentes Noah Cosgrove Enoch Goldewyn Conan Elliott...
  15. Genevieve Fuentes

    Open SDA Y45 S1 - Defending

    Evie was shocked to say the least that she was given the responsibility of SDA president. She was positive Celia wouldn't have had a say in it. There was no way she could've passed it on to her voluntarily. Evie wasn't complaining however. It was nice for her to have something new to focus on...
  16. Genevieve Fuentes

    Open Y45 Club Fair

    Evie was starting to think this was fairly easy, especially as a small Hufflepuff boy came up to her and instantly asked to join. "Right here." she told him, sliding the sign up sheet across to him. She could tell he had just come from another stall considering the direction he came from. "How...
  17. Genevieve Fuentes

    Gryffindor Quidditch Practice Y45/S1

    Evie was glad to have blocked Joshua's shot, and kept an eye on him again to make sure he didn't get another one.
  18. Genevieve Fuentes

    Student Defence Association

    Genevieve Fuentes Gryffindor Seventh Year President
  19. Genevieve Fuentes

    Seventh Years

    Genevieve Fuentes Gryffindor
  20. Genevieve Fuentes

    Head People and Prefects

    Genevieve Fuentes Gryffindor Seventh Year