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    Happy birthday Marijke!

    Happy Birthday! I hope it was a good one :wub:
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    Adults + Upcoming Students

    Yay, I'm so glad you're up for them! I'll register Ruto then make something for them. I can also start Joseph and Landon if you don't mind starting the other one?
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    Adults + Upcoming Students

    Hi Marijke :wub: I really love RPing with you so here are some ideas! I have a character to be sorted in Y42. Haven't registered her yet, but her name is Ruto Vernier-Raison. I don't have much for her at the moment and haven't really developed her, but I'd be happy to offer her for Senna. She...
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    Secret Santa 2021: Gifts Incoming!

    Awww thank you Jamie, that was very cute, and I like that you took my sign up post into account and tried to include all of my likes! @Chloe Thompson I'm glad you liked it! Wasn't sure how I felt about them which is why I made a couple. Merry Christmas everyone :santa:
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    Y40 Make-Up Lessons

    This is where students in all years can post any lessons that they may have missed. Once exams have been posted, no make up will be accepted beyond that point. Plagiarism will also not be tolerated. If you have any questions or concerns, please PM me or Professor Angel Castillo. Name...
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    Closed A Knock To The Head

    [Continuation from this thread] Landon made his way up to the third floor with Timothy behind him. His plants in the common room could wait. When the man saw that the boy was in trouble, he really felt that it was his duty to help him. He seemed fine, but Landon wanted to make sure, and so...
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    An Orchid Returns!

    Welcome back Claire!! I'm so happy you have returned as a GM :wub:
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    Open Making Mess

    Landon chuckled a little awkwardly as the Gryffindor hugged him. He had never really received hugs from students, but thought it was a nice gesture nonetheless. As he said he would like to go to the hospital wing, Landon nodded, agreeing that it was best he get checked out first. "There's no...
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    Secret Santa 2021! 🎅

    Preferred name: Kaye Favourite colour(s): Yellow Likes: cats, pastel colours/vibe, my characters!! Mickey Mouse, kittens, Harry Potter, music, guitar, violin, flute, HNZ!!! Books, chocolate Dis-likes: Justin Bieber, small dogs Additional information: I will love anything you do for me because...
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    I Liiiiiiiiive -rises from the ashes in full Mushu Cosplay-

    Cole, I missed you! I have some young unsorted people too that we could RP :r Welcome back to the site! It's good to see you around again :hug:
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    Professors and Staff

    Landon Carter Herbology Years 1-4 Hufflepuff Head of House
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    Open Making Mess

    Landon frowned as the Gryffindor said that he was fine. He certainly didn't seem like it, especially since he said that his head hurt. The paintings were quite large, and Landon didn't really blame him for being in pain. At his question, Landon quickly shook his head. "Nonsense! You're not in...
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    Open Making Mess

    Landon loved being at Hogwarts. Everyone there was very friendly and approachable and he always enjoyed his time with his students and colleagues. The man was on his way up to his lounge to water his plants when he heard some commotion on the second floor. He turned around, watching as one of...
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    Happy birthday Nick! I hope it's a good one :party:
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    Attention all Hufflepuffs. Welcome to Hogwarts! Please attend this year's House Meeting.

    Attention all Hufflepuffs. Welcome to Hogwarts! Please attend this year's House Meeting.