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    One Last Yule

    One thing Noelle liked about Sapphire was she never beat around the bush. At her question, he met his eyes, knowing she could see right through him. The girl had grown on him and it would be unfair to not tell the truth. "I am lying if I say no.", he finally answered her, his eyes meeting...
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    One Last Yule

    Noelle swayed them to the music, laughing along. He tightened his hold around her waist, pulling her closer. He met her eyes, a warm smile on his face. "Yeah?", he reached to tug on her hair, playing with it. It had been her habit to play with his hair. "A question? Shoot for it."
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    Yule Ball

    Noelle Maxwell with @Sapphire Michaels
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    no longer MIA

    That would also work. Still, Noelle would see Willow at the ball or she sees him right? And yes, they are not dating. More like a steady friendship.
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    One Last Yule

    Noelle chuckled at Sapphire's answer as he let himself be pulled to the dance floor. Once they were there, he gently twirled her, letting her dress flowed around her. Catching her in his arms, he winked playfully. She was in a surprise for they had never danced together before. He was glad for...
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    One Last Yule

    Noelle entered the hall with @Sapphire Michaels in his arm. He had left the dormitories early and waited for the girl outside the Slytherin house. Sapphire looked lovely tonight and despite a certain blue haired girl in his mind, he intended to enjoy his last Yule Ball. Turning to the girl, he...
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    @Sapphire Michaels, did it work?

    @Sapphire Michaels, did it work?
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    Don't you go saying you are sick. We're supposed to set the floor on fire.

    Don't you go saying you are sick. We're supposed to set the floor on fire.
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    Seventh Years; Lesson 3

    The third week did not come any sooner with schoolwork piling. There was the incoming Halloween Feast although the Puff did not have any plans to join in the festivities. Grabbing his bag, he went out of the common room and made his way to class. They reached the classroom to find each desk was...
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    Seventh Years

    Noelle Maxwell Hufflepuff
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    Seventh Years; Lesson 2

    Noelle got his bag ready after having an early breakfast. He wondered what today’s lessons would be along with the homework that they would be bringing back to their common room. Finally ready, he headed out of the common room and made his way to her class. Taking his seat, the boy took notice...
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    Seventh Years; Lesson 1

    Final year. The final year of classes and exams. Noelle breathed a deep sigh as he grabbed his bag and headed to class. The Puff arrived in the class and sat beside Sapphire. The class began and they all went directly to the lesson for the day. This was perfectly understandable as they had to...
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    I am a mushroom and a turtle now

    Hello. As some might notice, I am suddenly on for shirt periods of time and gone again. I already have some sort of internet although it is mot on unlimited data so I am kinda reserving it for my online class. Plus the laptop I have is not that speedy. So I am still mostly on mobile like right...
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    Closed Just a Kiss

    Noelle laughed out loud. "Alright, alright. And I thought being a professor is already a given career for nerd like me." He countered, looking down at Sapphire's head, listening to her. It was pretty admiring for a girl like her but she was Sapphire, no surprise there. "You know Alexis, right...
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    Closed Just a Kiss

    Noelle smiled, nodding. Frankly, he missed the comfort and was glad Sapphire was there when he needed someone. He promised he would be there for her as long as he wanted. "As long as you want." He leaned back, tightened his hold in her. "Sapph... You know me." He chuckled, tickling her slightly...