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    Transfiguration 2:2

    Marlow was already struggling to keep up with all her classes. Public school certainly was not her strong point. If only they had art classes here at Hogwarts, that way she could excel at something. Sadly that was not the case as the second year Slytherin entered into the Transfiguration...
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    Second Years

    Name: Marlow Sanderson House: Slytherin
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    Second Years, Lesson Two

    Marlow entered the Herbology Classroom, ready to meet her new mandrake friend. Out of all her class, Herbology was her favourite. It was where she felt the most included. This of course was majority due to her homeschooling in her mother's garden, but also did revolve around her love for plants...
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    Transfiguration 2:1

    Marlow had done very poorly in Transfiguration her first year at Hogwarts. It was disappointing for various reasons, the biggest being her mother was very upset with her. She even considered homeschooling again if it was a better learning method. Marlow knew learning how to attend school in such...
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    Graphics Request

    I’m so glad you like them :)
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    Graphics Request

    Hey Emzies! I made a few options trying to use as many of the given pictures as possible. I completely understand if these aren't your style or you want anything edited (I will try my best!). Sorry if I went a bit overboard with choices. Making Graphics has been surprisingly relaxing when I'm...
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    Banner for Lillith

    Hey Soho! :) I tried a few options. Let me know if you want anything changed or if they simply aren't what you are looking for. No hard feelings!
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    Open A Museum Of Inspiration

    Marlow was struggling to get this image just right. It almost seemed easier on the digital pad that the Museum had offered. She had also seemed similar, less advanced, electronic drawing pads in the muggle world. She wondered if her father would buy her one of those. There were only a couple of...
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    Open A Museum Of Inspiration

    Marlow had just come from the History of Magic Classroom. Normally after these classes, Marlow often found herself annoyed with having to take some many notes and sit still for so long. To be honest, that is how Marlow was feeling about most of her classes so far, too structured and too many...
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    Open Reminds Me of Home

    Marlow was not quite sure how to go about answering Harper's question about a mug cake. This young Slytherin had not heard of a mug cake before. "Umm it might be" Marlow said shrugging her shoulders. "I'm not sure what a mug cake is, but a cauldron cake is an adorable little cake in the shape of...
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    Y36 Costume Contest

    Marlow Sanderson as Wolf
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    Marlow Ember Sanderson

    Hogwarts House: Slytherin Abridged Version of Sorting: "Marlow sat on the stool, looking out into the crowd. This graduating class size is huge. I'll make it work She thought to herself as the hat was place onto her head. Marlow honestly was not sure where she would be placed. Her mother was a...
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    Marlow Ember Sanderson

    Mother: Name: Ember Alex Sanderson Maiden Name: Ember Alex Addison Birth Name: Alex Ember Addison (Ember goes by her middle name). Blood Status: Half Blood Profession: Gardener/Homeschool Teacher Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw History: Ember's family was very strict. Her mother expected a lot from...
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    Open Reminds Me of Home

    Marlow had to admit she was happy that Harper had other interests other than sports. It was nice to know she may have friend to play cards with every now and then. Marlow could sense much of this was all new for Harper, a perspective Marlow had never really known. She had grown up around magic...
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    Open Reminds Me of Home

    Marlow enjoyed that Harper was actually listening to her speak. The young Slytherin had noticed that, at least in her experience, people seemed to like to talk over one another here, like everyone had something just so exciting to say that it couldn't wait. Having a civil conversation was a nice...