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    So, things haven't been going well for me for a while now, and I don't have the time or energy to keep up with HNZ any more. I'm staying til the end of the IC year (gotta see my girl Stella graduate), and then I'm leaving the site. Maybe for a few months, maybe for good; I don't know at this...
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    Closed Feels Like Home

    All through her time at Hogwarts, Hayley had chafed at the fact that all her best friends got to share a dormitory, while she was stuck in Slytherin by herself. She’d spent as little time in the dorm as possible, and though their grand plans to sneak her into Gryffindor had never come to...
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    Open LGBTQ+ Pride 2049

    Their last Pride at Hogwarts. There had been many events this year that Hayley had been very aware she would be attending for the last time, and Pride was the last such event of the school year. As with most of them, Hayley was glad to have Harley by her side. It seemed so very long ago now that...
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    Open Topics to Jump Into

    Name of RP + Link: Not to be Frogotten Characters in RP: Hayley Elridge, Rose Holland, Harley Tsuji Brief overview: The girl gang unleash their biggest prank yet for their last year at Hogwarts. Additional information: Open to everyone. Please join the chaos!
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    Open Not to be Frogotten

    Hayley practically vibrated with excitement as their moment drew closer. This prank would make history, and she couldn't imagine better people to do it with. What an iconic way to bring the girl gang back together again, what a legacy for their final year at Hogwarts. "Hell yeah," Hayley agreed...
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    Graduation Ceremony 2049

    Hayley could hardly believe this was it. This was it. Seven years of her life, seven years that had changed absolutely everything, and she was leaving it all behind. Hogwarts had changed her perspective irrevocably, exposed her to a whole new world and all the complexities and injustices it...
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    Open Ambush Before Breakfast

    Hayley giggled as Rose went on about the look on her face. That had been pretty funny, but a photo of it? Really? “I could probably do an artist’s rendition if you really want,” she joked. “Let you go? Now, why would I do that?” Hayley chuckled and let Rose go. Hugs were great, but she was eager...
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    Open Not to be Frogotten

    Closed for now, open after a few posts. The plans were set. The supplies were tucked safely into Hayley’s bag. And now, at last, they would set their grand prank in motion. Hayley couldn’t think of the last time she had been so excited. Her whole body buzzed with nerves and elation. This was...
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    Open Ambush Before Breakfast

    It was bizarre to think that this would be their last year of Valentines roses, Hayley thought as she climbed the stairs to the entrance hall. The last time the gang would send these sweet silly notes to each other, the last time they’d navigate the chaos of people delivering. It had given her a...
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    Open Ring of Yellow Rose

    The only thing Hayley disliked about rose deliveries was all the strangers assuming she would be hanging out in Slytherin places. All Hayley wanted to do was spend her time with her Gryffindor friends and girlfriend, but she always felt obliged to at least walk past the Slytherin table a few...
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    Flower Delivery & Sign Up

    Flower Delivery sign up: Rose Holland Kauri Tipene Alice Holland Emily Madison Madeline Kaimarama - - - - -
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    Closed Wouldn't Fall For Someone I Thought Couldn't Misbehave

    Hayley was lost in the moment, the rhythm of the music, the feel of Harley's arms around her. She smiled, a little wistfully. "So weird, right? I can't get my head around it." She chuckled. "Man, so gross. All this - dumb - kissing - and stuff," she said, giving Harley swift kisses between each...
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    Closed Wouldn't Fall For Someone I Thought Couldn't Misbehave

    Hayley couldn't quite believe this was real. Their last school dance, ever. They would never do this again, never see the Great Hall filled with brightly coloured crowds or ridiculously cheesy decorations. Hand in hand with her girlfriend, Hayley looked around, drinking it all in. She'd have to...
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    Closed Painful Patrols

    It was bizarre to Hayley to think that this was her last semester at Hogwarts. So soon she would be leaving all this behind, and the thought thrilled and terrified her. Prefect patrols, though, was certainly one of the things she wouldn't miss. Hayley still didn't understand why she was a...
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    Closed Hooked On All These Feelings

    Hayley nodded, more thoughtful than she should be on a night like this. “Yeah, you’re right, there’s a lot I’ll miss about this place . . . but also quite a lot of people I’d be pretty happy to never see again. It’s all just . . . a lot.” Her time at Hogwarts had been a wild ride, that was for...