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13 (6/2046)
Mercury had found that she liked sitting at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Part of it was because other students tended not to bother her there, but also because part of her was intrigued by the forest. Maybe it was because her dreams tended to be so frightening that the woods didn't seem so scary incomparison, or maybe it was just because she unconciously wanted to contribute to her classmates' concensus that she was odd. Either way, Mercury pull out some of her notes for divination and glanced over them before her attention was drawn back to the trees. She saw some birds flying around, something she could tell was real this time, which was becoming easier. She added an entry into her journal quickly and then went back to looking at her notes.
Oz tended to spend a fair bit of time outside. As much as he liked curling up by the fire and working on his own things, it was nice to get fresh air and be left alone with his thoughts. The more time went on, the more conscious he felt of his heritage. He would never say a bad word against his grandfather, naturally, but it was easy for a young boy to fall into the trap of thinking 'I wish my ears weren't pointy' or 'I wish I wasn't over a foot shorter than some of the people in my year'. And though he rarely wandered into the forest, he liked lingering around the edge of it, not afraid of what was in there but enjoying the serenity of it, and the artistic inspiration it granted. He had found his way to his usual spot, but there was a girl there already. At least she looked nice, less judgy than others. "...sorry, I'll go somewhere else."
Mercury reread over her Arithmancy notes as she heard some rustling nearby. She wasn't sure how all these numbers were supposed to mean anything to anyone. Her mums hadn't chosen her name based on numbers, and she didn't feel the universe had assigned her to have her last name, either. But the Ravenclaw was in this class, and until she figured out how to appreciate the practice. The rustling got closer, and she looked up to see a boy she didn't know. Most students wouldn't have offered to go somewhere else, seeing as there was grass everywhere, and Mercury found that intriguing. "There's... there's plenty of room for you, too," she said, swallowing hard as she started. She looked up at the boy, observing his face a bit more as she waited for his decision.
Oz simply nodded, a little relieved she wasn't immediately being rude, or loud, like most of the girls he knew. "...thanks," he added, figuring he should be polite as he was barging in on space she'd cultivated. Even if it was where he usually went, he knew he didn't really have ownership of anything on the grounds. It didn't stop him from having an affinity for the one spot. Perhaps it was a bit childish (and if she called him 'little boy' like half the people here seemed to he'd let her have it) but comfort was comfort. Though maybe he wouldn't start working with his plasticine, trying to shape it into some kind of creature. Probably a niffler, as a dragon was a bit hard to get right just yet. He didnt want to bother, but he did want to make friends who weren't going to be too judgy. " Arithmancy, uh...any good?"
Mercury could tell the boy seemed nervous, something she was wildly familiar with. She thought he might be a first year, and that made her a bit more comfortable talking to him for some reason. The others in her year and older students made her incredibly anxious. "It's.. well, it's math," she said, not really disliking math, but she also didn't like trying to keep track of all the different numbers and which one was associated with which thing. "Are you wanting to take arithmancy?" she asked. "You can sit if you want," Mercury added, gesturing to the space around her where there was plenty of room.
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Oz nodded, though he really should have expected as such. He was alright with numbers, which was a somewhat unfortunate stereotype. Of course the part-goblin could do math. Maybe he shouldn't take the class, then, though he still thought he might like it. "...uh, maybe," he offered, shifting a little. "Dunno. Wanna take runes, but dunno 'bout the others." He still felt nervous, but after a couple of years at Hogwarts he was starting to actually talk to other people in complete sentences. Which was a huge step (when you had smaller legs than everyone else, anyway). He sank to the ground, shifting about a bit until he was comfortable. "...'m Oz," he added, turning to look at the girl with a pensive expression. "What's your name?"

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