Y46 S1 CAC Meeting - Trying Something New

Marnie Frogg

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Marnie definitely missed Sky. It was hard enough leading the club on her own, but now Marnie had no one to help her organize ideas and not forget things, something she was now fretting about as she flitted about the Art's Room, remembrall in hand, as the rest of the club arrived. At least today didn't require too much preparation from her, it would all have to be on the club members really, so that helped Marnie not totally loose her head.

"Hey everyone! Welcome to today's Arts Club meeting! If you haven't met me yet, hi I'm Marnie, I'm your Craft Coordinator which basically just means I'm in charge not that you always have to listen to me I mean the club's more about expressing yourself creatively than anything but I'm here to help and give us prompts and stuff if you want but anyway! For today I thought we'd try something new. Like, for everyone! That's your prompt today, try something new! Whether that means playing on a different instrument if you're a musician, a new style of dance you've never done as a dancer, or trying a new medium as an artist, or even trying a whole new style of creative expression today, try to push yourself to branch out like over the holidays I spent like a whole week just making stuff out of pasta I'd never it before and my family got annoyed when I used up all our lasagna noodles but it was super fun experience OH and double bonus if you can work with your fellow club members whether you're both learning something new or if you can offer tips to someone trying something you're familiar with," Marnie explained, clapping her hands together. "The whole club room is at your disposal today, we have fabrics and paints and instruments and performance space so don't be afraid to get a little messy and make mistakes today, okay?" Marnie finished, beaming at the club and letting them get started before moving to find something new for herself to poke at.
Elise loved the Arts room and spent plenty of her free time there. She also enjoyed their club meetings too even though it did mean the room was more crowded than she usually liked. But she found a stool in the corner and listened as Marnie explained what they would be doing. Elise liked the idea and was eager to get started although she wasn't sure if there was really any medium that was "new" to her since she usually did a little bit of everything. In the end, when they were given the go ahead to start she found herself wandering towards the instruments and picked up a guitar. Music was always more of Ezra's thing but she had watched him play probably a million times. Then there were the time's she went to her aunt's house and got free range to bang on her drum set until she tired herself out. But she didn't actually know what she was doing and she was trying to be intentional as she plucked at the strings and placed her fingers just right so the note sounded good.
Kyousuke entered the arts room, a little curious what they'd be doing. He was a little bit disappointed to find out it wasn't anything to do with what he usually loved doing - theatre - but rather, picking something he knew little about. He looked around. His sister was the one who played piano, not him, and he wondered dimly if he should give that a go. Kyousuke really didn't like the idea of embarrassing himself though. He was half-tempted to just give up and leave, but eventually just settled in at the piano. He couldn't read sheet music, but he knew where C was. That was a start, wasn't it? Then you just went up and it should be the same as the alphabet. But what were the black keys again? They didn't sound right when Kyousuke played them sequentially. Why did it start with C anyway when the first letter was A? Kyousuke was confused but in his confusion managed to play out a very C major basic scale, using the wrong fingerings but doing his best anyway.
Sofi listened to Marnie's introduction to the session and when she wrapped up her speech, people began to disperse and do new things but Sofi was far too gripped by anxiety to do the same. Feeling overwhelmed and uncertain, unsure of where to begin or what to do next. The Hufflepuff felt a sense of unease settle in the pit of her stomach. Her palms grew clammy, and despite the flurry of movement around her, Sofi remained rooted to the spot, her mind racing with worry.
Ambrose was excited for the first arts club meeting, especially since he still wasn't sure what the club was all about, except, well.. art. In all forms and variations if he were to believe what the club leader had told him during the club fair. And he did believe her. He took a seat in the room and listened as she spoke to them, rambling on like she had done at the club fair as well. Apparently that was just her general state of mind. Which he could appreciate, at least it showed some enthusiasm. He grinned at her mention of making things out of pasta and glanced around when she eventually finished talking. Right. Now to figure out what he should do. Something different. Perhaps something non-musical? Another instrument seemed like a safe bet but it also didn't sound like he would enjoy it, messing around with paint or glue could actually be fun. He just needed to figure out what to do with it.

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