Y46 Halloween Feast

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Professor Matt Alcott-Ward

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Matt had always enjoyed the Halloween festivities at Hogwarts immensely. He was proud to be the one running it now and had tried his best to dress up the hall appropriately for the event. He had been looking forward to seeing the different costumes and seeing the students having fun tonight. The hall was dimly lit, most of the light coming from flickering candles in jack-o-lanterns floating through the air. Instead of the house colors, the ceiling was decorated in orange and black streamers. The night sky showed a bright full moon shining down on the guests, occasionally some bats could be seen flying overhead.

Like previous years, the Halloween feast had several stations set up around the Great Hall. Matt had kept many of them the same, as they were old favorites of many of the students. There were many games, such as bobbing for apples and a grindylow piñata. The spooky tent had been brought back as well, the interior filled with rattling coffins, moving skeletons, and fun-house mirrors. The four house tables were pushed to the side and laden with bowls of candy, pumpkin pasties, pumpkin juice, and other foods. Matt was sure most of it would be gone by the end of the night.

He stood at the front of the hall, looking at the gathered students and staff, a wide grin on his face. He hadn't dressed up himself, as he didn't want to draw attention away from the students participating in the costume contest. He also just didn't have a very good idea. He cleared his throat. "Welcome everyone, to the Halloween Feast. As always, there is plenty of food to go around. Please don't forget to enter our Costume Competition. You all look wonderful, and you have a chance to win points for your house." He smiled, knowing some students would probably prefer some other type of prize, but it was tradition. "Enjoy your night!" He called, letting the festivities start.
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