Y45 Beauxbatons Quidditch Practice

Vincent Poe

co-captain • 6th year
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12" Pine wand with Vampire Blood core
Vincent Poe was excited about the first practice of the season. It also greatly helped that he was now fluent with his French, even if he did have his accent. He liked being bilingual. It was a skill that he would be using in the future. He arrived to the Quidditch Pitch. It was certainly a chilly day, but it was sunny and not cold enough for snow this early November afternoon. A beautiful day for a practice! Vincent held his broom to his side, and saw the players arriving to the pitch. They might have looked as ready to go as he was. "Hi there!" Vincent greeted with a smile. "If you want to stretch or do some laps before practice, feel free! And don't feel bad for hitting your teammates, or me." Vincent opened the trunk to set the snitch and bludgers free. He thought about letting loose an additional snitch, but decided against it for now. He took the quaffle out, and threw it high into the air for one of the chasers to catch it. "And have fun guys!"
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No need for arrivals, just jump in and start playing!
Claire always enjoyed Quidditch and she couldn't wait to play more of it this year. The girl listened to the captain and it wasn't long before they were able to go into the air and play. Claire immediately got a hold of the quaffle and headed towards the hoops.
Nina grinned as she mounted up and got started along with the rest of the team, keeping an eye out for the snitch.
Tullia did not hit any bludgers.
Malik was rearing to go, grinning as he kicked off into the sky. But now he had to keep an eye on everyone as captain, holding back as he watched for a moment while also trying to keep an eye out for any bludgers heading his way.
when claire was close enough to the hoops, she threw the quaffle towards the hoops, and it had managed to sail through!
Vincent soon mounted his own broom and took off to go practice.
The snitch had disappeared quickly, and Nina flew around warming up a bit more while she looked.
Bellamy was nervous about his first full season as a starting member of the team. Apparently he really was off his game as Claire managed to score right away. He gave her a tight smile and hoped it looked encouraging as he tossed the quaffle back into the game.
Nina did a roll on her broom and giggled as she did.
Vincent continued in his search.
As did Nina.
Tullia did not hit anything.
Vincent wished he released more than one snitch.
Although if he had, maybe Nina and Vincent would be struggling to find 2 snitches, instead of just one.
Vincent caught the air.
Nina looked around at what the others were doing, wondering if any of them had seen the snitch yet.
Vincent searched.
Claire got a hold of the quaffle when no one else seemed to, and circled around the pitch, towards the hoops.
Mal failed to hit anyone with a bludger.
Tullia did not hit anything.
Vincent flew to the other side of the pitch to see if he would get better luck there.
When Claire was close enough to the hoops, she threw the quaffle towards the hoops, and managed to score yet again.
Nina was impressed by Claire's scoring, and thought she ought to try a bit harder to find the snitch.
Vincent saw their chaser score again, and smiled. At least someone was getting some points in.

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