Y27- Game #3 Commentary

Leander Hayes

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Leander Hayes was not fond of the weather for today's game, but he was going to have to deal with it because he was commentating today. This was something he was extremely excited about, and had stressed out about for some time. It had taken two games for him to get permission to commentate, so he was going to do Slytherin proud.

Lee took a seat at his at the exposed booth with a microphone. He was not going to use magic the entire game to make his voice louder. He did not have time for that. He cleared his voice before he spoke, "Helllllooo~ Hogwarts New Zealand! I am Leander Hayes, and I will be your commentator for Quidditch games from this day forward!" The fifth year took a breath before he continued, "We have our one and only senior ref, Reeve Buchanan here to make sure this a clean game, although his accuracy that is debatable, nothing too wrong with that! And, we will be watching Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff duke it out today. Hufflepuff's win/loss record hasn't been good this year and years prior, so I hope the team pulls it together so we can see an entertaining game!

As soon as the ref blew the whistle, people were flying in the sky, and Leander had to keep up. "The game is off to a quick start! Beaters are on a role, and the captains of each team have been hit by bludgers!!!

The noise behind him was getting agitating. "There seems to be a lot of anti-Quidditch protesting here in the stands today. I hope that this does not effect how well the players perform today, especially since the protestors are being quite a nuisance." Lee continued to watch the game. "As the seekers are looking for that sneaky snitch, Reuben once again makes us question why Mason chose him to be captain when he can't even make a goal. This may be why Hufflepuff beaters aren't doing so hot at protecting their young captain. But, Ravenclaw is now in possession of the ball!

"At least the beaters of the Ravenclaw team are trying to do something right. There seems to be a new girl that's not very good at her job." he continued and squinted to try and get a better look at who the child was. He shrugged it off. "Felix has failed to make a goal and score some points for his team. Reuben now has the ball and is heading towards the Ravenclaw hoops. But, lets not expect too much from this kid. He may pee his pants from the stress." Lee chuckled and continued to watch the game. He felt the protests getting louder. He was going to have to say something soon.

As Leander watched the game, he could not believe his eyes. Really. The commentator stood up and brought the microphone extremely close to his mouth. "I hope my eyes are playing tricks on me! Victoria just hit a bludger TOWARDS her own captain? A coup in the middle of a game? This has never been seen before! Does it break any rules?"he announced excitedly. He'd be on a high from this for weeks. Leander took his seat again. "Now, if the little guy gets hit once more, he is out of the game."

"Reuben must be a little stronger than we all think because he still managed to make a goal after a horrible betrayal. We've now got a chaser playing as a beater. After Felix missed yet another shot, a Hufflepuff player now has the chance to take possession of the quaffle.

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